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Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on June 28, 2007

Well I lost about twenty pieces of artwork when my jump drive was mysteriously reformatted….

Amazingly I’m not as upset as I thought I would be.  Yeah I lost some really good pieces, some that I can’t redo because it’s almost like it won’t be the same, but I have my hands and my mind to think of something even more fresh to def.

 I thought I’d try one more for IlloFriday but I’ma let it slide….rawr?

I did have an offer to work with someone on some postcards and buttons but after  reviewing the deal I realized it didn’t make  that much sense.  I should do it myself for what they’re offeirng me.  So no deal. 

Thinking about the future of Dendoo, I came across this great article on PINGMAG!!!, and the packaging ideas and also the designs of the clothing themselves are genius.  If you read it you could say “hmm…that’s cool, let me copy everything they did” or you could say, “wow, everything they do has a meaning.  I wonder what meaningful things I can do to fit my and my products personality.”



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