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Posted in Inspiration, misc by dendoo on February 29, 2008

i have recently been jamming to daft punk and let me tell you i’ve always been a fan but when i watched interstella i became an uber fan!  i love this movie that is based on their entire album.  what’s the whole story about?  ok GO:  alien rock group gets kidnapped by a mean greedy wizard dude who has long been capturing aliens and brainwashing them and introducing them as new artists on earth.  a space hero, who is madly in love with the girl guitarist, from the rock band’s planet goes to rescue them but gets injured and dies in the process yet manages to profess his love to stella.  then the group investigates and realizes just how evil their “manager” is and take him down.  the people of earth help them go back home and they rock out their home town and earth via satellite.  yay!

this video is the part just after they been brainwashed and they are recording new tracks and also shows their rise as the crescendolls


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