this is the dendoo blog, duh

i’m baaaaaaaack!! w0ot

Posted in dendoo art, Inspiration by dendoo on May 27, 2008

hello folks who never leave comments on my blog but still read it. lol

i’m slowly emerging out of my hiding spot.  i have some great new ideas that were inspired by the past month and by a very deep revelation.

i’ve joined a few communities and am hoping to get some exposure through them, i’m going to be working on those ideas hopefully by tonight (i have to do my blasted hair), and i hope to be rolling in the door with my new credit card.  yay!  lol the credit card has nothing to do with anything art related but i’m just hella excited about the prospect of getting one.  it’s kinda hard to get one down here.  not like america where you blink and they fly into your face at full speed.

i’m always looking out for ppl to colab with, ideas to share so please if someone who is an artist stumbles across this and wants to contact me my info is on the about me page.  hell:

it’s good to work together.

here’s to imagination!!!


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