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Engine room and dendoo: you coulda had alllll this!

Posted in artwork, dendoo art, Inspiration by dendoo on September 12, 2008

First things first: I added a new page called “Hot Dendoo Products”.
I put a few of my products with nifty pics like so for you to have a preview and linkage for you to BUY BUY BUY. lol, take a look and I’ll try to update that page every two weeks or so and especially when I’m embarking on a new project.

So like i wrote about two posts ago I’m trying to tie up loose ends. I made a HUGE list and i’ve been trying to work on things that are on the list. I’m sitting down working away and I get a letter from this lady about the Engine Room

What’s that feature on Word where you can send a letter to a person but the letter is already typed out, you just add their name…? Yeah well I’m struggling to decide whether or not she did that. (Right now I don’t think you did but if you did it’s ok :P) She put some personal things about my artwork and blog so that threw me for a loop. I like when companies send those mass mail letters: I feel soooooooooo special. Sometimes I keep them and smile, I’m part of the in crowd.


She wants me to peep some episodes of the show and I guess give her feeeeedback feeeeeedback, I’m not Janet Jackson. So I wanted to put on my blog that everyone should try to watch engine room on mtvu. If you don’t get that channel, I don’t, you can watch it on engine room. I’m so glad I don’t have any hard feelings about the rejection letter. I’m glad designers are getting a chance. RAWR!!


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