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dendoo/c.ferguson in txtein mag

Posted in artwork, dendoo art, dendoo news, vector by dendoo on September 14, 2008

Okay I’m beyond thrilled that i MADE THE COVER of txtein iss 12

but i’m pissed that they ripped artwork from various portfolios instead of allowing me to pick and choose which pieces i wanted to submit or even asked me for the files so they wouldn’t be pixelated!

I am going to email this tiny complaint to the mag because I want the artwork to be at it’s best.  I don’t want any of my work to go out into the world looking jacked up.  They might be mad that I’m complaining but I have to represent dendoo.  I got an email from them saying thanks for my sub and I didn’t remember submitting…so I was puzzled.

I don’t know if I’m going to submit again to this magazine. I mean, another magazine looked at work from portfolio’s and ASKED me to send them the files of ones they wanted to include so…i think that was way more professional.

Happy I made the cover but whoa….


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