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illofriday: repair 2

Posted in dendoo art, illustration friday by dendoo on October 27, 2008

My second dabble mc scrabble into repair (this is the first one here).  This one is touchy I mean it’s cancer/breast cancer awareness month and I know sometimes when women have to remove their breasts they feel incomplete.  They feel like they need to be repaired…my woman that i drew isn’t saying she needs a repair by holding these fake boobs.  She knows that what makes her a woman is truly her very being.  The real repair was made when she removed her breasts.  She’s cancer free and all woman.


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  1. yoon see said, on October 27, 2008 at 10:58 am

    Great concept and you certainly have conveyed the heart of many breast cancer survivor.

  2. xiaobaosg said, on November 5, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    Hihi Dendoo,

    I used to own a website back in 05/06 but the things is I know nothing about making a site so updating of website is one of the problem i faced last time as i need to pay regularly to the designer if i wanted to update my site.

    Blog is more convenient , user friendly and most importantly it is free of charge ( haha) . I don’t have to be so formal in my blog , i can post whatever i like in it. It’s more informative , and you got to know me better through my blog isn’t it? 😀

    Also i been blogging for 3-4 years , the roots had grown somewhat firmly into it , so I need times to divert the crowd if I’m going to have one ( planning to have one). And if i have one it’s going to look something like a blog.

    I hope i had answer your question and apologies for my badly written English. 😀


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