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Posted in artwork, dendoo art, dendoo news by dendoo on December 9, 2008

My internet is down so I can’t really do too much.  I’ve been working on some really interesting ideas/women.  I’m going to finish my ribbon girls and start my “freaky” girls.  I don’t know if they’re going to really flourish as well as my ribbon girls have but I’m trying.  Submitted two of my freaky girls to NoTear Magazine.  Their theme gave me the idea for my freaky girls.  

I am constantly rethinking dendoo.  CONSTANTLY.

so expect some HUGE changes throughout the start of the new year.  A new look, a new direction, new tactics.  new.

Going to try to submit to some more mags and whatnot.  Did I let you guys know I am going to be in a book?  The autism book didn’t go through.  Even though they contacted me, they never acknowledged that I wanted to be in the project.  Weird. 

Anywhooo that’s what’s up.  Hopefully I can have some new previews to show and of course check the website!!!


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  1. Mirt said, on December 9, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    Awww, my sweet Charrish, I hope your internet connection is on soon. I’m too much curious about your new artistic ideas. Anyway I enjoy your last ones you put here.
    Your drawing style is so delicious ans so personal.
    A big hug to ya!

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