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The Monthly Do | Interview with Ash Sivils

Posted in artwork, dendoo news, redbubble, the monthly do by dendoo on January 9, 2009

Mysteriously dark with a touch of mood and a splash and dash of attitude. I’m going deep into the mind of Ash Sivils and I’m bringing a flashlight to find my way through her deliciously darker adventure of wonderland.


1.) Ash Sivils, such a beautiful name. please introduce yourself by writing a haiku:
I am no writer but here goes.
I am an artist
I shine dimmly in the night
with out a bright light.

2. ) If someone was describing your work what three words would you expect them to use?
Out of all the descriptive words I have gotten I would have to say dark,weird and heavy

3.) Your work has a darker, edgier tone which is so awesome! What brings this vibe to your work.

I am used to seeing art with pink bunnies, puppy dog tails and rainbows but that isn’t what reality is. Reality in my opinion is harsh and censored. I have found that people are very opinionated yet they do not speak their minds – I never had this problem. Facing a brutal image with a story behind
it strikes emotion, that is my main goal, to feel. I refuse to carry my anger, frustraion and irritations on my sleeve. Anything that bothers me I enterpriate into art in turn I have “helped” others relate to pain and helped myself gain understanding.

4. )If Wednesday Adams from the Adams family asked you for some artwork which one of your pieces would you give her and why?

Oh I love her, when I was little I watched the black and white tv series! I am going to have to go with ‘What’s In The Box?’
The why is simple, I think she would find it amusing and comical. She would be a hard nut to crack.

5. )If the Queen of England asked you for some artwork which one of your pieces would you give her and why?
I would give her ‘Happy Home Maker’ because she has no idea what the average woman goes through. The average
woman cooks, cleans, mothers and puts up with mini vans! Maybe she would get a feeling that she hadn’t had before.

6.) Can you name two artists within the bubble and two outside of the bubble that inspire you?
HeadCrime and Cameron Gray are both two artists I favor. We have similar ideas but not styles.
What I like about them is this … They are both consistent with beautiful yet unique work that could never be duplicated. I have the uptmost respect for them both. Two artist out of the RB are at Deviant Art and their names are Elton (EltonFernandes) and Markus (lord-markus). They are dark and surreal artists I just adore. They are very nice and talented fellows, I recommend everyone check them out.

7.) If there was a style completely different from yours that you would try what would it be?
Hmmm, totally different? Maybe pop art and sculpting. I have tried them both but never fully gave either a chance.

8.) Do you feel as if you’ve grown as an artist since coming to RB and what is the biggest goal you have set for yourself for the new year?
Oh of course! How can you not grow here in this supportive community? The people here are very kind and talented, there hasn’t been a day that passes that I didn’t get a “love mail”.. I say that because I get my fair share of “hate mail”. Some do not understand why I choose to do dark arts instead of bright and “happy” images. I never do it for shock value, it is what it is and so am I.

9.) Do you ever encounter people who scrunch up their faces in shock or horror at your style/subject matter? Do you even care what people think?

Oh yeah, I have met so many people that ask me why. They ask me why not paint a beautiful picture and fill the world with brightly colored flowers? I tell them this, I would rather work from the inside and pop out an image that discribes the truth.. if it takes me producing negative appearing images – so be it. I really don’t care when people dislike my work. I got a reaction and so obviously I am doing something right!

10.) What is the one thing you’ve learned about yourself as a person since you’ve started creating such beautiful works?

I have learned so many things! I learned I have a voice in this world and I choose to scream with art. People will listen if they see. It’s easier to listen with your eyes instead of your ears.

princess crown or fairy wings: A Princess crown if I can create it.

martini or cosmo: A martini between the two – Dean Martin loved martini’s and I love Dean Martin.

do you know how to do the happy dance: Is that anything like the pee pee dance? If so then yes, very well!

favourite spice girl: Since they aren’t really heard from now – all of them 🙂

do you know the muffin man: For sure, he brings me those bad ass orange muffins right?

do you ever pretend to be a rich socialite: No, if you ever hear of me doing so, you have permission to submit me to a home.
This might hold up in court, you never know…

diamonds are forever, but pearls are: My absolute favorite.

have you ever pretended you were Ash from pokemon: Never in a million years – I strongly dislike anime.

suggest the word of the day: Tolerance


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  1. vestque said, on January 9, 2009 at 10:26 am

    I really love this.

  2. Ash Sivils | Cada día un fotógrafo said, on August 17, 2014 at 4:24 am

    […] a Ash Sivils en dendo (EN […]

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