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Dendoo Loves Obama

Posted in dendoo news, misc by dendoo on January 19, 2009

This fine man is my boo and I’m really proud of him.   

It’s so beautiful to see the way the world has turned.  I live in a region where we have black leaders so it’s almost like a no big deal thing to see a black man running a country unless he’s like our leader and doing it badly.  But America, a country that is supposed to be the number one place on planet Earth wasn’t at that level.  When would a person of colour, of another backround besides typical white man, be able to stand and lead that country?   I think it shows that the world is ready to face new challenges since America elected my Barack.  I’m so proud of him.  I didn’t cry or anything when he was elected but I did feel complete inside.    I’m glad that America has caught up with the times and I hope Americans continue to push for people who can do the job regardless of whatever that person is; as long as that person is qualified they get the vote, the recognition, the respect…the everything!  It’s what MLK died for, it’s what all those black forefathers picked cotton for, it’s what all the immigrants stuffed themselves on boats for, it’s what immigrant workers (not only black folk) were fainting out in the sun for.  For this time here.  

I hope Michelle’s dress looks better than that red/black hot mess she had on.  I am a stylist…I can hook you up girl.


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  1. vestque said, on January 19, 2009 at 10:51 am

    LOL On the Michelle comment, Bahahah! But really I’m proud of America, (I voted for Barack) it shows that we, as a country, has come a long way! The numbers were stunning!!! Voting day was ridiculous, people young and old were just flocking to the voting stations. For the first time I saw a ton of black youth come out in groups stating “This is my first time voting, and I’m proud!” It was surreal. People just came together….That’s how America should be, coming together for one cause.

  2. Mirt said, on January 19, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    Well, that was a great day for all the world. Every good persons must be proud about it. That’s a new real path in the human history.I hope that the next step for America will be a woman as president.

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