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Posted in dendoo news by dendoo on January 26, 2009

hey, hey, hey!

so i have a new look for my blog and i am going to try to do something new.  i’ve seen around the internet other bloggers have categorized their work into daily categories.  i’ve been thinking about trying this for a while but on saturday i saw some blogs that employed this device and it really inspired me.  so, as a part of my new year, new look i’m going to try this out.   i have different categories and here let me introduce them to you:
blogspired are blogs that have really touched a chord with me.  these blogs inspire me to want to be a better blogger, to try new things, and to get out there and have fun.  blogs that inspire me will be posted any day of the week.

tiggy poo tuesdays are ultra girly days!  when i do something girly i call it tiggy poo and i want to share my tiggy poo side with you guys.  i’ll post girly products, i’ll talk about girly moments, i’ll post a girly picture…anything girly.

i won’t even front: i don’t wear a lot of posh clothes.  i LUST over brands like chloe, hermes, fendi, chanel but i straight up shop at JC Penny and Target.  that doesn’t mean i don’t look cute (i think).   it’s all about mixing colours, mixing textures, rocking some cute jewelry.  i’ll pick a super hot outfit throughout the course of the week and post it on wednesdays.

i have some more ideas/categories in the works like:
de-link-cious:  a weekly link list of some of my fav finds for the week
random do:  a random peep at something in my life/a get to know me thing

and of course my monthly interview will still be introducing you to new artists and styles.

and of course i’ll still be posting any dendoo news on a regular basis.

so what do you think about my new blogging idea?


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  1. vestque said, on January 26, 2009 at 6:11 pm

    Great! It’s like your blog is evolving. Very nice ideas. I can’t wait to see them implemented. 😛


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