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geting to know dendoo

Posted in dendoo news, misc by dendoo on February 2, 2009

hey guys so it’s my first day of being unemployed and i’m cleaning my space.  i should be drawing but i think i can take one or two days off for me, don’t you?  i decided to share a bit of myself and show you my work space!  it’s nothing glamourous.  i sit on the floor, spread my stuff out on my futon and design and create.

img_3160my laptop, wacom tablet, a mirror to check my beauty, my pouch with my jump drives, my sketchbook and pen, a piece of bread and the remote.  tv is so inspirational.  oh and my baby blanket!! (blanket on the left)


i jot down ideas as i go along while eating french bread.

i love my wacom tablet.  the best part is i still have more to discover about it!  i can’t wait to see how my work can evolve.



antique earrings, a fake engagement ring and my college ring.  i usually end up taking off all my jewlery as my work time progresses.  i’ll pick them up and hold them for a few seconds and then get back to creating.


my laptop!  my old laptop was called iFriday.  I tried to give this one a name but it hasn’t really worked.  i miss iFriday.  if you look close enough you can see i’m looking for an invoice template to manipulate and give it a personal dendoo flair.  if anyone wants the invoice template just ask!

well that’s a look at my workspace.  kinda boring huh?  but now you have an idea of what it looks like when i’m working.  nothing frilly, just me.


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