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TPTuesday/WOWednesday/behind schedule

Posted in tiggy poo tuesdays, worn on wednesdays by dendoo on February 4, 2009


To claimed to be stressed out is an understatement.  I’ve been doing massive research on England.  Guess who’s going?  I am!  Now ya’ll know I’m hella cheap so I am supposedly going to take this course when I go but hell, it costs $1,000 for just a week.  I need that information but I am cheap as crap.  so i’m trying to see if I can find a cheaper course that fits my needs.  But yeah, Char is on her way.  too bad for you.

So with all my researching I skipped TiggyPoo Tuesday 😦  and since I haven’t been anywhere I skipped Worn On Wednesday, extra 😦  I mean I’d have to go somewhere to take pics of my clothes right?

Ok so here’s what we’ll do to make it up:

I’m in need of unleashing some tiggy poo.  with me being unemployed (wow…i’ don’t have a job!) and all this research and trying to be a big girl I so need to have something light and fluffy distract me.


so i found this super cute girly travel bag from fossil which i will never own but i can look at and dream of traveling in style and at $78.00 it’s kinda affordable (come on we all know in our hearts we can find something a bit cheaper) but isn’t it nice to “splurge”?  it comes in other patterns as well as a super chic black and a old lady tan.  where can you find it?  here

and while i’m traveling in style i guess, to make up for Worn on Wenesday, I could slip into this fab coat when i have to battle winter in England (if I go in March like I’m planning).   I found this coat via this adorable site called which is a UK site so it’s in pounds.  I have a light red coat similar to this but it’s not long and has no long sleeves.  Bummer.

I’ll try to leave my house so i can do a WOW and try to get my butt actively looking for my fav fun, girly things to do a TPT.

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  1. vestque said, on February 9, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    $1000 a week? Holy Merciful Crap!

    I’m not much of a purse person but that coat is TOO adorable. I could seriously rock that out. Mega cute!

  2. dendoo said, on February 10, 2009 at 1:37 am

    lol the course is only a week long. it’s a short course with all the info crammed into 5 glorious days, exactly how i love to learn. i wanted to move to england one time but i’m going to limit myself to the course only because of the recession/economy. i wish things were really diff but eh…i’m going to write a post about it soon. it’s really hurting me but there’s nothing i can do. i can’t change the economy.

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