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doing the shuffle

Posted in dendoo news by dendoo on March 2, 2009

well i’m looking over my planned out schedule of events (TPT, WOW, DELINKCIOUS THURSDAY, ETC) and i’m realizing the way i have things set up is not going to work!  so we’re going to do a minor shuffle.

MONDAYS: open day
TUESDAYS: Still Tiggy Poo
WEDNESDAYS: Delinkcious
FRIDAYS: Fashion Friday and the Weekly Wrap Up

Mondays is where I’ll usually post about things that happened to me over the weekend since it’s open but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw an extra video out on that day or something.  I’m also going to be writing more helpful articles but I don’t want to limit those to a certain day.

Fashion Friday….okay I’m starting to see that as much as I wear some cute outfits, I am not able to take the kind of pictures I like of them.  ONE, no one around me knows how to hold a camera the way I like, TWO,  I can never find my cord.  I really want to post the pics of my outfits but I don’t know what will happen with that.  So for now I’ll do amazing finds / things I lust over.

I’m thinking this litte shuffle can work for me now.  Of course you know dendoo news will be sprinkled throughout, along with the monthly interviews and little random thoughts.  Blogspired will also be sprinkled throughout from now.

Read my last post where I ask why do I psych myself out.  Do you do the same?  How do you deal with the fear of rejection?
Let me know!  dendoo

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