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The Monhly Do | Interview with Xiaobaosg

Posted in the monthly do by dendoo on March 3, 2009

So I realized that everyone I’ve interviewed so far is female and I’m all for girl power (I used to be MelB rawr) but it’s time to get some guy action going on. I decided to go outside of the bubble and bring in a guy whose work I really admire. What he does he just pure awesomeness. Like I would so do that whole “I’m not worthy” a la Wayne’s World if he could teach me some tips. So enough of me gushing (lol this is what happens when boys come around) and straight into this month’s do: Xiaobaosg

1) Introduce yourself in a short haiku for those who don’t know you:
Love the Asian culture.

Panda Revolution VI

2) I see you’re from Singapore but you’re heavily influenced by Japanese and Chinese culture (like it says on your blog). What drew you to be influenced by these cultures specifically?
i have been exposed to many Asian folk stories , myths and legends from young and it actually influenced me a lot on my works.

3) When you first started designing did you ever think you would find the success you have or were you just doing this for fun?
At first , I was just designing t-shirts for friends and company events on and off for fun, and had received positive feedback and encouragements about the designs. Hence, when I was deciding on a career change, I chose to go into the design industry and it was 2 years after that my works got more attentions from peoples around the world.

4) I’ve noticed you’ve been entering and winning a few t-shirt competitions. Congrats!! How do you come up with the ideas for your tees?
Thanks, i got most of the ideas from movies , musics that i listen to and from children stories book.

Magic Paintbrush

5) What’s your favourite tee that you’ve designed and which one of your tees would you give to Obama?
Magic paintbrush , it was my first winning tee from competition. The World Tee from lafraise

6) What is your biggest fear as a designer?
Artist block , haha.

7) Did you get any gifts for the Chinese New Year?
Yes, red packet with money inside. Hehe

1 Litre of Tears

8) You’re an international artist so do you have any advice for other designers/illustrators who are trying to scope out work on an international scene? Also, has it been hard for you finding jobs internationally?

I’m really flattered (still considered myself rather an amateur artist) .Not sure if I’m qualified enough to be giving advices , but what i usually do is submit my works to art forums and sites once it finished and also i will put a link of my blog on the signature part. That’s actually what i do and how i got works internationally. I guess it’s not really hard as most of my jobs came from America and Europe countries. I seldom got jobs from the local (Singapore).

Thank you but you now you have to face….the lightening round!!!

Pandas or penguins: Pandas
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
White cheese or yellow cheese: Yellow cheese
Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Wars ( May the force be with you)
Do you eat at McDonalds? Yes ( But i prefer Burgerking more)
Would you save a cat from a tree? Sure
When was the last time you sneezed? Just
Have you ever done an interview before? Yes ( this is the third one in 2009)
Do you giggle like a girl? No
Would you let your mum give you a kiss in public? Yes
Suggest the word of the day: Sweet

Thanks to Xiaobaosg for answering my questions. I really look up to you as an Illustrator. Isn’t he awesome folks? Next on my list…Olly Moss. If I can score him I’m the queen! You can find out more about Xiaobaosg’s amazing work here and remember how I told you I’d freak out if he could give me tips? Well duh I forgot he has given tips and of the official kind! Check it out here.

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