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The Monthly Do | Interview with i.itch.illustrations

Posted in the monthly do by dendoo on March 3, 2009

The Monthly Do | Interview with i.itch.illustrations

This month I wanted to interview someone that brings a bunch of energy to my screen when I click on My Bubble. This chica has the cutest things to offer, she’s so nice and she has two artist names…how ninja. I’m talking about DURA …or i.itch.illustrations…wait I’m confused! Nevermind, she’ll sort it all out for us. Take it away!!

1. Ok…who is DURA and who is i.itch.illustrations

Dreamy Treat

Both are the same person. Me
I go after i.itch.illustrations when I want to go undercover. Well i.itch.illustrations mean I’m loving and itching illustrations for more so that’s how I got the nick.

2. Where do you get the inspiration for your pieces?

You can see fashion plays a big part in my pieces. I can say almost everything around me from the tiniest things I see on the road while walking, from movies and even daydreaming. I love to play with colours and seeing other artist’s wonderful arts sparked my inspirations as well. Sometimes the idea can come while I’m on the train or even sitting quietly over a coffee. Fashion and design magazines and books are my favorite items on sourcing for inspirations. Owh yeah…lingerie because most of my girls are as fascinated as me by the delicate patterns of the laces.

3. I keep seeing the name Dolly-Dolly pop through your Journals. Who is this Dolly-Dolly character and does she like pink?

Dolly-Dolly is another girl character but she’s not apart of The Fashion Forest. Dolly-Dolly owns her dreamy and colourful world and leads to another journey. She’s still apart of my characters but not in the same clique of The Fashion Forest. While La mode des filles de la forêt characters are more risqué, Dolly-Dolly on the other hand is quieter I might say. She’s into anything that’s bright so pink is one of he favorite. Little birdie and a guardian will accompany her most of times so she will not be so lonely.

4. Does Dolly-Dolly have a boyfriend?
Nope. None of my girls do.

5. I’ve noticed you’ve been posting more journal entries/blog entries about being in art shows. Do you feel like you’re starting to get your name out there in the illustration world?

Well who doesn’t, right. My work might not be as superb as those artists out there, but I will work more hard and wish that one day I could be like them. I’m taking these opportunities from the local art events to push my work forward. Like I said to you before, the delivery service to overseas have been so expensive and I can’t afford so I have to decline some chances. I was just being positive and proactive and look for other opportunities with a hope that one day I could have a chance to exhibit internationally.

6. Do you have any advice for a person like me…someone who would LOVE to be in an art show but has never done it?

The first time I had my group art show, I was very very nervous and of course, lack of good night sleeps. I don’t know what kind of response I will get or people would like to view my work or not. My advice is just go for it and never hesitate. You might not get the response like what you expected but don’t let your guard down. But of course, work harder and love what you do and be honest.

7. What do you do when you get discouraged?

I cried. I’m a very emotional person. I can even cried over a small things!Hahaha…what a childish person I am  But I always find other alternatives if I often meet some obstacles. Well, I am not good at handling bad times actually but I try to soothe down myself and think positive.

8. How did you think of your Fashion-na-nimals?

I love them. I spend every night with them especially my Fashion-na-nimal Darlings nowadays. They’ll be hitting on the next show this weekend. They are the place where I can say most of my things. But they actually have to take turn and I would possibly spend time with them equally. Lol! I feel like I’m a mother of ten! Really, the feeling of me surrounded by my characters is awesome!

9. Would you ever make real clothes based on the clothes you let your Fashion-na-nimals wear?

Most clothes that they are wearing are inspired from the runways and designer’s collections. I’m looking forward to build my own fashion label one day. In the process of making the paper dolls, I drew a lot of designer’s clothes and along the way, I pick up a few things myself. I never had a formal fashion education so this is how I learnt. Well, maybe one day, they’ll be donning my own designs

10. What is your goal for the New Year?

Owh! Hundreds! I have targets on my work basis, as well as for my personal artwork. I’m looking forward more exhibitions, expanding and adding more characters, open a fashion and art boutique and do some experiments. I’m working on my t-shirt line so hopefully they’ll be ready by next month. I’m doing my research and material searching for my solo exhibition so hopefully things get better. I also hope this will be a good year despite the entire crisis that’s happening around and I pray for my families, my loved one, friends and everyone out there, including myself for safety and much happiness.

A special lightening round!! Answer these questions about Dolly-Dolly straight from the heart

Who is Dolly-Dolly’s favourite designer?
She loves all the pieces by great designer but she’s more fascinated by the crazy colours by Basso and Brooke and Eley Kishimoto.

Does she have a special handshake?

Do you ever talk to her?
Yeah when it’s her turn spending time with me. We’ll be looking for another place for her to explore.

Does Dolly-Dolly hear your secrets?
I don’t have secrets but most of the time is the emotions that I bear.

Do you think you look like her?
Not physically, but emotionally I think Dolly-Dolly is more of me than La mode des filles de la forêt characters.

Would Dolly ever wear a dendoo t-shirt?

Thanks for the interview! Good luck in what ever you do and never give up, ok.


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