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Posted in tiggy poo tuesdays by dendoo on March 3, 2009

hey you guys.  so this tuesday i have a lot on my mind.  i started my new job, i have a huge illo project that isn’t going as well as planned, i have a personal problem that is eating away at my soul.  i am stressed.

i stumbled across something really sweet and fun, much props to Gala Darling cause that’s where I found this, that really seemed to lighten my mood when I viewed it.  These rings make me feel like being a lttle kid and not giving a carp and a hare who laughs at me.  I’m a really bad type of shopper.  I had discovered this site LAST YEAR but I looked at it and instantly said “yuck”.  haha, that’s how i do sometimes.  i dont give things a proper chance but this ring, and other “baubles”, is off the chain.

if it makes you feel like something very tokyo pop, that’s cause it’s made in Japan.  You can get very harajuko with this.

This ring here is $43.oo but they have lots of  products with different price ranges to suit different personalities.  Trust me, I wouldn’t really wear this but it does appeal to me. I probably would have worn this when I was 13 though.  If I had crazy hair, a rock and rolla lifestyle and had to upkeep a cool personality for my job then I would wear this in a heartbeat.  OH! They have rad accessories for men too.  I’m going to do a post for the guys soon.  you needs mo’ love.  kisses!

Where can you find this?  At Tokyomade
Who is Gala Darling?  This is Gala Darling

Oh I’m hoping I can do a full mid-week report about my new job so tomorrow I’ll probably have a special blog post.  My new job is going to keep my busy, busy, busy.  To anyone who works in Marketing or PR I tip my hat to you.  That is the jam.


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