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dendoo loves fashion: cheap vs chic

Posted in Inspiration, misc by dendoo on March 14, 2009

Hey ppl it’s misa-mi!

Trying to get the hang of this blogging stuff.  It’s really hard!!   I’m only on my third post and I can’t think of things to write about.  Luckily I have a mini cheat sheet!  Char is really forgetfull so she saved a draft on her wordpress about topics she’d want to blog about.  One of the things on her cheat sheet?  Advice posts about fashion! Ms Ferg is nutso for fashion but she doesn’t have a lot of money.  You really need to see some of the outfits she puts together.  Hey, there’s a note here about taking pics of her outfits!  Now, why haven’t I seen some of those?  I’m a fashion freak myself.  I spend days on Polyvore making crazy outfits.   One of the problems any fashionist will face is do I go cheap or do I go chic?  Honey child both of us will tell you GO CHEAP!  Cheap is chic.  How do you figure?

We’re not saying go knockoff crazy!  A huge secret that I learned from dendoo is wear plain coloured clothes.  If you know Charrish you will almost always see her in a plain coloured t-shirt.   First off it’s cheap (hence going cheap over chic), and it stretches her wardrobe.  If you want to look sophisticated and chic simple clothes can give you that wow factor.  Want to see a typical dendoo outfit?


Plain coloured tee, dark jeans, heels, crazy coloured purse, big wowzer bangles.

So when do you go chic?  Chic is when you are ready to splurge on an expensive piece.  Char goes crazy over name brand purses.  She most recently purchased a Harajuko Lovers purse that was very fun, illustrative and reflected her personality.  Expensive anything doesn’t have to be grown up and boring, remember that.  If you have a fun and bright personality your spurlge piece can reflect that.  The most important thing to remember is dont splurge if you want use it.  Misa-mi rule number one: splurge only on items that you are passionate about.  I’m a shoe gal myself so I splurge like hell on shoes.  Here is a shoe I want and it’s name brand at a good price!

Going cheap doesn’t mean you can’t be chic.  It’s all about how you piece it together.  On my travels around the net I come across girls who have chic pieces for every item in their wardrobe.  An entire outfit might be at least $2,000!  I can’t afford that and I’m guessing neither can you!  So that $50 purple tee that has nothing on it and could have been bought at Forever21 for $6.00?  I’m totally laughing at you.  Do you see what I mean by cheap vs. chic?  If you take care of your clothing you can look just as posh as any fashionista.

The misa-mi way to be a cheap but chic fashionista:

  • Plain coloured clothes can stretch your wardrobe (this is dendoo’s number one tip)
  • Let your accessories do the talking (another dendoo tip!)
  • If you’re a shoe girl don’t splurge on earrings every time, you won’t wear them as much as the shoes!
  • There’s nothing wrong with buying cheaper items.  Take care of them and you can get long wear out of them.
  • Don’t ever be embarrassed of your wardrobe.  If you want to be a fashionista you have to work what you’ve got.

dendoo is a big believer of cheap chic and she taught me a lot of her tricks.  I’m going to put together some more dendoo inspired looks and post them on her blog.  Stay chic but stay cheap!  A stylish look does not have to break your bank.  This is misa-mi saying spread the cheapness!

Have a fav place to shop, have a fav splurge?  Let misa-mi and dendoo know in a comment.


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