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Posted in videorama by dendoo on March 14, 2009

Hey, it’s misa-mi!

As you can tell I’m really getting the ball rolling on these posts.  Char would be proud!

I’ve looked through her blog and I noticed she has some categories but since everything is thrown off balance and we have some catching up to do I’m going to be throwing out posts like crazy today and tomorrow.  Some great internet finds I have here; some are strictly misa-mi and some are purely dendoo.

Anyone who knows dendoo knows Japan is a huge influence for her.  If you read her latest interview, you haven’t read her latest interview?, you would see she said she doesn’t pull influences from the obvious Japanese themes but she loves the culture as a whole.  Every week she sends me and I’m guessing a few others some great Japanese finds and last week she sent me this great video that she found.  I dont think she shared it with you guys yet so here is your chance to see this wonderful video that she found.  I love her videos cause I usually end up watching them about a milli times a day.  Don’t you?

If you love this video show some Japan Love.  Tell misa-mi and dendoo why this video is a fav.
Have your own videos to share?  Show misa-mi and dendoo, share your fav links in a comment.

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