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misa-mi for dendoo: the dendoo blog needs more love

Posted in dendoo news by dendoo on March 15, 2009

** I have been following dendoo for a while now.  She’s been out a little over a year and I was one of the ones she would chat off dendoo about from before dendoo even got a website.  I was here for the blog when it had nothing but a few pictures.  I will admit, I don’t comment on here mainly because she tells me or shows me everything that’s going on with dendoo before she does it.  But as the people who are at the receiving end you guys should be commenting because Char does have some good things to share.

Questions I have about dendoo’s blog and online life.

  • There are no comments.  Why?  I think Char poses questions throughout her posts that encourage questions.  Her Tiggy Poo Tuesday seg begs for people to comment on the finds, the websites, it was created to have people say “Yeah that’s cool but I found something that’s just like that at a cheaper price!”
  • I looked at her Monthly Do Interviews and again very few comments.  Especially disappointed with the last one, William Chua aka Xiaba-whatever I can’t remember his name but I know Char is a huge fan, because he is very good at what he does and he didn’t have to do her Interview.  On the scope of people who have interviewed him she is probably at the lowest.  No one recognized the Interview was even done and she’s out there busting herself in quarters to find interesting artists and angles to present on a monthly basis.
  • Why are some artists such snobs?  Char was very upset the other day because she sent a nice email to another artist and it was basically answering this artist’s call for collaborations.  Instead of telling her that her artwork didn’t fit his style he shot her down and told her dendoo was too immature and wasn’t fit to be a part of his work.  Manners.
  • I guess I’m noticing dendoo blog doesn’t have that connectivity that I thought it would.  I know she tries very hard to push posts out daily which isn’t always possible.  The thing is Charrish talks to her very close friends about dendoo all the time.  It’s all she talks about and most of her talks are of how to make dendoo more connected with the readers.   I look at this blog and can see why she would feel she’s failing.  I see her putting her all into it but it’s not being returned.  There are some repeat customers and that’s great.  I really hope she doesn’t lose you guys.  What  I would like to see, what all the people who know how Charrish lives, eats, breathes and poops dendoo would like to see is her efforts and love being returned.

So here is the misa-mi wish:

  • If you see something on the blog that you like comment.
  • If dendoo asks a funny question then answer.
  • Do you know a place that sells something similar to a dendoo Tiggy Poo product?  Share the link with her and her readers.
  • Become friends with dendoo!  I mean if you guys hit it off you could visit her on an island.  Trust me it’s beautiful there.
  • I guess I will need to start commenting more too.  I’m going to encourage all our friends to start commenting even if we know what’s going to happen on the blog.
  • All I’m asking is you guys to become more involved in the dendoo world.  Char has a lot of ideas.  I mean really if you could see this draft that she saved with topics, articles, questions, interviews then you’d know she’s passionate about this.  dendoo is the first time I have seen her plan anything out.  Well except for an outfit.

Get involved.  Now the misa-mi question of the day would be:  What would you like to see on Char’s blog?

  • videos?
  • actual videos of dendoo doing stuff
  • polls
  • more interviews
  • advice articles
  • fashion tips
  • more drawings?
  • dendoo news?
  • suggest your own idea!

I want you guys to answer so I can take this info to Char.  She’s looking better but her medicine has her really loopy.

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  1. Jazzi said, on March 15, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Loooove the drawings! So cute!

    new dendoo fan

  2. vestque said, on March 26, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    We Love you Dendoo. It’s so hard being an artist. It’s oh so hard finding faithful friends and fans. ~_~ But you’ll always have a friend/fan in me! YAY Dendoo, You Rock! WhooooooOOOooooOOOO…OOOoo*Angry Intense Scary Face* OOOooo! DX!…Yay!


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