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dendoo blog makeover but still on break

Posted in dendoo news by dendoo on April 12, 2009

Photo by Barbie

so i shared what happened last month and you can read the post below in case you missed out.  i’ve been getting lots of support.  sometimes i feel really weirdo but no worries.  i still have to fight.  fight for my rights to live.

i’ve been let go at my job, i’m in therapy and stuff but i’m kinda floating around wondering what’s next.  one of the things that give me a little hope is knowing i have dendoo so i’m trying to hold onto that.  seeing as i haven’t left my room for 3 days…yeah i need to hold onto something.  but what i want to tell you guys is dendoo isn’t going anywhere.  when a person is depressed they let go of all the things that mean something, their hobbies and last year i really let go of dendoo.  there were so many things i could have done and wanted to do but i was down, down, down.  i’m really fighting to keep this in my bones.

i added some fun to the blog.  i know i always revamp it but everything is being redone!  it’s not only the colours but it’s also about the content.  we’re getting more in depth.  i don’t know when i’ll start blogging again…hell i haven’t drawn in a hot minute so it’s one day at a time.  i’m easing into me.  i really would like to know what you guys would like to see more of content wise on the blog.  when i had misa mi, lol i love her lil writer name, fill in for me she wrote this scandalous post that i had to tell her girl calm down!!  but she was right, i need more interaction!  more comments and just more love.  so let me know:

do you like the new colours?
what would you like to see on the dendoo blog?

much love, dendoo!

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  1. vestque said, on April 12, 2009 at 10:39 pm

    Um, I guess fashion tips if you have any thing to share, You have great style 😉 Um, Lol, I don’t know that’s the only thing really coming to mind.

    No matter what you do though I’ll be looking forward to it 😀


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