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WOW: Walmart fashionista?

Posted in worn on wednesdays by dendoo on April 15, 2009

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so i was on twitter looking at what people are buzzing about and i came across this one tweet from nubby twiglet:

I actually set foot in Walmart tonight and found the perfect pair of jeans for 20 bucks. Simultaneously horrified and excited.

so it got me thinking and wondering if you are a true fashionista will you go to Wally World?  i am talking to my sister as i write this post and and she said and i quote:

who wants to buy their clothes at the same place you buy your food from?  five seconds after you buy your groceries you will go to the clothing section and find a mangle of clothes mostly featuring Tinkerbell and Hannah Montanah

what is a fashionista?
is a fashionista someone who only wears labels?  who only rocks gucci, balenciaga, chanel, marc jacobs, hermes, miu miu and the likes?  are there certain levels in fashionista-ness?

  • so you have your hardcore label wearers
  • you have the mid-weights: people who have one or two “pieces” and then shop at forever21, etc.
  • you have the wannabes: people who want to have one designer thing but can’t so they only shop at target, gap, f21, topshop, etc.
  • then you have the walmart crew.

is that fair though?  to put people in categories?  to give a label to fashionistas?  am i less of a fashionista because i own things from walmart?   yes, i have a few dresses and a pair of jeans in my closet from walmart.  do i automatically suck?  am i automatically at the bottom of the barrel then?  what about people who only shop at places like f21 (my fav), h&m, topshop, etc.? are these people seen as fashionistas?  we all know alot of these type of shops have “faux” versions of hot designs.  are you less of an it girl if you can only afford this?

now my sis is telling me the key to being a fashionista is learning to take what you’ve got and make it hot.  and you know what…i think the little bugga is right.  so i take my hot pink $12 walmart dress, do my makeup, pair it with some fierce nine west pumps (yes how boring of me) an oversized bag, lots of bangles and i’m good to go.  i’m ready to tear up a hole in the day of boring black and grey suits.  is that what makes a fashionista a true fashionista?

i’ve always wanted to be a label whore.  like you see the it girls of hollycrackhood wearing this purse and this shoe and for a hot minute that’s what i wanted to be!  but then i realized i don’t have the money, nor do i have the means to run through clothes like water.  that’s not my lifestyle.  so yeah i shop at walmart…for more than just panties.

and no disrespect to nubby twiglet.  i heart her to death.

what makes you a fashionista?  do you share the fear of walmart shopping?  let’s go out there and glam it up!
happy worn on wednesday aka wow

much love, dendoo!


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  1. vestque said, on April 15, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    I don’t give clothes a second thought. I’m more of the person who wear clothes so that they’re not nekid, and nothing more,…..and even that is too much trouble. One day I imagine myself making my own clothes or wearing clothes that are out of this world. Not even so much fashionable but just amazing….More costuming than anything else. LOL. But I’m a strange strange girl, so, meh it’s whateva. 😛

    Much Love Dendoo!


  2. Quan said, on April 16, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    I agree with your sister, a fashionista is someone who knows enough about fashion to not look tow up from the floor up. own what they wear, instead of letting it own them. people who are obsessed with labels are not fashionistas, they are label whores. yes, it’s nice to have labels in your closet, but damn… if this shirt that is 20 bucks look way better than a 500 bucks D&G shirt, which would you buy? of course the 20 bucks one.

    it all comes down to form and function. if the design and cut is beautiful and if they fit you nicely, then that’s all that matters. who cares about labels all the time! also, a fashionista dresses to express. I personally go to thrift stores now and then to find some goodies, you feel me?! like Carrie Bradshaw, she could mix something that is 2 dollars with a 2000 dollars dress, and it’s good to go!

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