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dendoo daily challenge: day 2

Posted in Inspiration, misc by dendoo on April 22, 2009

AAAGH the pressure! I didn’t think writing these challenges would be so hard! It’s the first real day of the dendoo daily challenge and i felt some serious pressure in creating these.  I have to actually think! These challenges are going to be serious some days and then some days they’re going to be really silly and fun but remember it’s a mixture just like life is and I want to give you something to enhance your life everyday whether I’m encouraging you to wear a silly outfit or ponder the meaning of life.  That’s the beauty of the dendoo daily challenge and I hope you guys can stick it out with me through a “boring” day and a “silly” day.   The challenges will be issued at 8 am NYC time (lol) so you guys can get a good start on em.

Today’s Challenges, yep you’ve got two!

1) See trash?  Pick it up!
Yes it’s Earth Day and everywhere people are celebrating Earth and all this big blue marble means to them.  I’m not going to get all deep on going green but small things like picking up trash can make a difference in the world.  Today I am going to pick up some trashies around my house and beautify our yard a bit.  So pick up that random piece of paper today!  Remember everyday is Earth Day and everyday we can love our Earth just a little bit more.

is your smile plastic? (Photo by colodio)

2) Smile at the possibility of possibilites (or just smile)
Okay I know this seems like such a boring thing to challenge you guys with but there are some people out there, like me, who hate smiling.  Whether it’s cause you’re on some Oscar the Grouch vibe, or you hate your smile, or you think there is nothing to smile about the reasons for not smiling are plentiful.  What’s in a smile?  Peace, love, joy, warmth and all the adjectives that are in a Christmas special.  What is also in a smile is you!  A simple smile can uplift someone’s spirit, can make that rude employee feel like such a butt for ignoring you, can help you get a date (whooo hoooo!) and did you ever stop to think a smile could help make you feel more like you?

Give a smile today whether it’s to yourself in the mirror while thinking, “Man I look amazing” or if it’s to the cashier at the counter. Smiles are infectious and pretty soon you’ll have the whole world smiling.  Now don’t cheat and go smile a fake sugary smile while thinking what a bastard your boss is!  No, no, that’s not nice!  haha that’s something I would do but since it’s a challenge you have to fight the negative smile urges.  We only want real smiles in the dendoo daily challenges.

Did you smile today?  Did you pick up trash or do any other Earth Day activities?  Does it hurt when you smile?  Challenge someone to become a serial smiler today!!

Smile people, you have been challenged!

much love, dendoo


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  1. i.itch.illustrations said, on April 23, 2009 at 6:49 am

    Owh!I’ve just cleared our kitchen’s bin! 😉

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