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dendoo daily challenge: day 3

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on April 23, 2009

So what’s going on for day 3?  Hmmm what’s going for day 3…..Haiku!  That’s what’s going for day three!

Today I want you guys to write haiku’s like they’re going out of style.  Write them on sticky notes, on toilet tissue, under your work desk, on paper planes, on whatever!  Stick them in random places, give them to random people, give one to your mom!   Positive messages right?  RIGHT.  I know this seems really random but have you ever read a haiku?  The complexity in the simplicity makes it so beautiful and I’ve always found they make my mind go 300 mph.  I’m planning to leave a haiku in the waiting room of my therapist, stick one up in our family’s shop window, and stick one on the stairs by the food store.  Photo evidence will be available later. If you want to why don’t you leave a comment sharing where you left your haiku or who you gave them to and you can even share what you wrote.   The message is up to you, the challenged has been issued!

In case you need some haiku help go here and here 🙂
Much love, dendoo

Yesterday I helped pick up trash around our island and not only did I smile but I gave some encouraging words to one of my sister’s classmates who is suffering from panic attacks.  I let him know everything is gonna be alright and if he wanted to ditch school for a day let me know.  I’ll take him out for lunch.  I gave a semi mean smile to the police officer but…he was being a butt!  Lol told you guys it’s a challenge!


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  1. Brandon said, on April 23, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    This isn’t that hard
    All it takes is some practice
    And a little work

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