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dendoo daily challenge: day 4

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on April 24, 2009

Hi! It’s day 4 and it’s Friday!  I’m sure everyone is thinking about having an awesome weekend right?  You don’t want me to tell you do to something boring like “eat your broccoli”.

Today’s challenge:  The start of mini Lent!
Today I want you to take 1 minute and think about something you can give up for one week.  That’s right sukkas, mini Lent is here!  It can be anything: chocolate, sushi (aww shucks), saying mean things, burping on your girlfriend, “borrowing” money from everyone.  One thing!  If you have to take an hour to think of this one thing that’s okay too.  I want you to write down the one thing you want to give up and put it somewhere you can see it.  Maybe you can stick it on your mirror, stick it in your wallet or purse.

Next Friday we will all reflect on our one thing and what our week was like without it; do we really need it, was it hard without it, do you miss it like the desert misses the rain?  Maybe you saved some $$ by not buying all that sushi (I think we know what I’m giving up) or maybe people liked it when you stopped arriving late everywhere (yes you can give up being late).  If there is something you’d like to do instead of give up that’s great too!  Let it be a positive though.  You can share what you’re giving up in a comment if you’d like and you can pass this link along to encourage others to do the mini Lent challenge.

Want a gold star? Give up two things!  I am going to give up sushi and keep my car clean this week.  I’ll remind you about your mini Lent challenge next week and don’t forget, we’re all in this together!

Smile my pretties; the challenged has been issued!

How did your haiku day go?  Was it hard for you to think of something to write or was it harder to get the courage to leave the message somewhere for people to see?  I had lots of fun posting my haiku’s around town!  Some were very silly, some had solemn messages, all were available for sharing with others.   As soon as I find my camera cord I will upload pictures of me doing my challenge.


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