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Videorama for your Friday!

Posted in videorama by dendoo on April 24, 2009

Hey Everyone!

I scrolled down my blog and I saw NO PICTURES so today’s videorama is a must!  I’m making sure I post these as early as possible so you guys can have something to watch at work.  When I first found all these videos there was a reasoning behind them but I forgot what that was.  I think It was to show how things start and then they evolve into something else for eg you take a rock band’s song and put it in a movie in a particular scene and it makes that scene extra cool or whatever something I can’t remember.  Just enjoy these videos.  You’ll see the relation and you’ll get to see something new.  Oh and some of these are just random.  WORD.

UNIQLOCK tryouts

the final UNIQLOCK dancers.  Someone added Daft Punk to the video which I ❤

dance commander (give it a chance it’s awesome)

does this tune sound familiar?

do si la! exploooooode!

it’s magical

magical musicbox

Zulu Nation.  Maaaan if you don’t know bout this you’d better learn.  I love this!!! I remember the first time I found this jam out and I thought I was so funky.  Anytime I want to rock it old school I bust my fro, put on my 70’s inspired jeans, wear some wooden jewelery and I hum “do do do do do”.  Gotta have something that makes you feel funky.  Love Afrika Bambaataa!

Much love, dendoo.  Don’t forget the challenges.

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