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dendoo daily challenge: day 5

Posted in 1 by dendoo on April 25, 2009


We all like dates right?  (well most of us do)

What if I told you I could guarentee you can have a date today?  I mean I could bet all my savings on it.  I am so positive you can have a date today because that is today’s challenge!

Today’s Challenge:  Go on a date with yourself.
This date can be as romantic as buying yourself a red rose and going out for dinner and a movie or buying yourself some ice-cream and sitting on the hood of your car.  What I want you to do on your date though is really take the time to talk to yourself.  When we go on a date we tell that other person a little about ourselves and our hopes, our likes and dislikes.  Well sometimes we have changed so much that we don’t even know it!  Go on this date with yourself and tell yourself your hopes and dreams.

Rules for this challenge:

  1. You must leave your house (if there is bad weather then have a date in your house)
  2. You can do an activity (watch movie, eat food, buy an engagement ring) but you must have at least 20 mins of talking to yourself
  3. Do not look crazy while talking to yourself.  Talk to yourself in your head
  4. If you do look crazy…don’t blame it on me.
  5. You must take a bath for you date.  Just cause it’s yourself doesn’t mean you have to smell.

If you’d like leave a comment about what you did for your date and what you learned about yourself.  Maybe you only want 1.5 kids instead of 2.5.  Who knew?  Check back later and I’ll post what I learned on my date and maybe even a photo of what I wore!

Check back later and I will have pics from the Haiku Challenge and pics of the inside of my very dirty car which I need to start cleaning for mini Lent.  I’m also doing something really special today and taking part in a march against Child Abuse in the TCI.  The laws here are so outdated that there is little protection for children if they are being abused.  We’re talking any kind of abuse.  I will have lots of pictures from the march and I hope to have an interview with someone to share what this is about.

Much love and much peace, dendoo!


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  1. Quan said, on April 25, 2009 at 10:28 am

    wow, you are doing a great deeding for marching against Child Abuse today!

    this challenge got me laughing, it’s cute AND bittersweet, we all do need to love ourselves more. lmao @ “Do not look crazy while talking to yourself. Talk to yourself in your head”

    • dendoo said, on April 25, 2009 at 10:44 am

      yes i am very passionate about making sure children have a voice and rights. i might not want kids but that doesn’t mean the ones that are here should be ignored and if i can do something to help them then boo you know i’m going to.

      @ the don’t look crazy bit, i never try to be funny! but reading it over i did snort/laugh. i hope you have a good date quan!!

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