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challenge 7 pics

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on April 27, 2009

well, i survived my day with makeup.  haha my sister hadn’t seen me when she left for school and i went by the youth centre to say hi to her and she asked why i was so glammed up.  i went full face baby.  it’s all or nothing.  i have pics of other challenges but i was smart this time and took it with my computer cam.  nothing fancy, no frills, no lace, just dendoo.

 yes i look a bit shiny.  i have oily skin.   it’s 80 degrees out.  i need to pat my nose 🙂photo-1

i love my lips.  fav part of me.

so will i be going out tomorrow in full makeup?  no.  mainly cause it’s murder on my skin but i did talk about being real and showing your true self from the inside in therapy today.  that’s what really matters.  so did you look at a person for who they are?  my ex used to tell me he loved me even with my acne scars.  i never believed him but i’m starting to think if he could kiss me on my scarred cheek, hold my hand, and tell me he loved me all without makeup maybe that’s cause my true self was shining through.  more pics to come including: my really dirty car which i NEED TO KEEP CLEAN FOR MINI LENT and special pics/post about the Child Abuse Prevention March that I went to on Saturday.  camera cord…where are you???


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  1. Mirt said, on April 29, 2009 at 12:46 am

    I get acne scars too and I understand what you think about ppl saying. I don’t know if your ex was honest about that but from your photos I never noticed you get it. Anyway I think that when a girl is beautiful, she is beautiful and that’s all! :))) In these photos you are so delicious as ever and yes, your lips are wonderful, I ever told you that, d’you remember? 😉 Kisses hon, you are shiny as the stars!!!

    • dendoo said, on April 29, 2009 at 8:15 am

      thanks sweetie! I hope you are doing the challenges and I also hope you are okay. God bless you sweetie.

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