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WOW: my dooney & bourke handbag

Posted in worn on wednesdays by dendoo on April 29, 2009

YAYZERS it’s WOW (worn on wednesdays).  did i ever blog about my birthday gift?  my birthday was april 9th and for my b-day my mother got me the most awesomest gift ever!  a REAL dooney & bourke handbag.  not something you get from some lady on the side of the street.  it’s got a serial number and everythang.  this is my first “real” handbag and i’m very stoked that my mother was the one to give it to me.  i usually like funky bags and i’ll show a couple of my “usuals” in pics below (thank goodness for my computer’s cam)  but i love this bag because i feel very grownup when i wear it.  it’s my “I want to look professional” piece.  Got anything that makes you feel super diva or super businessman?  Share!

— hey!  did you do today’s challenge?  it’s all about clicking links like this one!

D&B baby!



these next two are from forever21 ❤ luvv!!!!


and this one is my harajuko lovers purse.  i love this line and i was most heartbroken when some whench stole my other HL purse last year around my birthday.  this one isn’t as cool as the previous but it’s still a cutie.  I love how they put the cute ice-cream tag on it.


mucho much-o purse love, dendoo!


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  1. Mirt said, on April 30, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Ohhh… for a while I thought it was by D&G-Dolce and Gabbana 😉 Well bags are nice though I was absent-minded because your legs LOL. So happy birthday, angel! 🙂

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