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dendoo daily challenge: day 10

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on April 30, 2009

Hi everyone!  did you enjoy the music yesterday?  I listen to all those songs, yes even SPICE GIRLS.  Today is another fun challenge because this weekend we’re going to start some more serious ones so I think you guys need a lil something fun today.  Don’t forget tomorrow is the end of mini Lent.  I hope you didn’t give in and end up doing what you said you wouldn’t do.  my car is clean still and I haven’t eaten one bite of sushi though I was very tempted at times.


Today’s Challenge:  Plan your dream trip.

Don’t make this hard folks!  You can get as elaborate as you want or simply say I’d like to go to India.  Point is I want you to imagine your dream trip and what you’d like to do.

Some Planning Trip Tips:

1.  Set a date:  this way if you ever do decide to trade large amounts of money for a seat on a flying death trap youll have a goal as to when you want to go.

2.  Think about inviting a friend or two:  do you want to escape near death in Africa alone?  I think not!

3.  Don’t worry about cost too much.  We gotta eat today.  Economy.

4.  Pick a place that has cute guys or girls.  Can we say Holiday Hookup?? Hello!

5.  Pick a place you’d really love to go to.  If you want to go to China why are you picking Hawaii?

So start daydreaming today folks.  The challenge has been issued!

I found my camera!  So later this afternoon I will be posting the stuff about the Child Abuse March.  I’m so happy.  Also will have some special dendoo news later today.  Keep on the lookout.

much love, dendoo!


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  1. Quan said, on April 30, 2009 at 11:01 am

    this is MY FAVORITE challenge yet!!!! you know I am a pro at daydreaming, BUT also i know myself enough to make it come true, you feel me?!

  2. vestque said, on April 30, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    I shall live in Japan for a portion of my life. I would say 5 years or more. However I think I will vacation there first for just a taste of it. I wouldn’t mind going with friends either 😀 Asians are so damn cute, LOL. Alot of them are smokin….yumyum. Sushi :3

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