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dendoo daily challenge: day 11

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 1, 2009

it’s FRIDAY yeah!! woot woot!

last week i issued the “mini Lent” challenge.  i gave up sushi and promised to keep my car clean and i have to say it was hard to do both but i did it!  keeping my resolve to do both of those helped me realize a few things about me which inspired today’s and tomorrow’s challenge.  so let’s go people cause you are going to need all your strength for the next week.

when i cleaned out my car i found seven cans of soda.  seven!  it made me think whoa girl you have got to slow down!  tomorrow i want you to reflect upon what the past week has taught you.  the reason i’m posting it now (and i’ll repost it tomorrow) is cause on a saturday some of ya’ll might be a little lazy and less inclined to clicky click.  did you become a better person, did you save money (i did),  did you realize you have a sugar problem (me too).  think about your life baby!!  that’s tomorrow’s challenge.

like i told you guys i realized i was consuming waaaay too much soda.  and i was already going to post this as a one day challenge but i decided hey, why not make this another week challenge.  starting today we’re going to try to drink as much water as we can.  i did some research and figured out for my body type (weight and height stuffs) i need to drink the equivalent of two bottles of water a day.  benefits of drinking water?   you feel great!  like tony the tiger great.  here are the top four benefits of drinking water.  ideally i’d love it if you could say i’m going to cut out all sodas, milkshakes, alcohol but i know each person has a diff goal so you pick how much you want to cut out.  i’m going to limit myself to water and juice only.  a great tip i have for staying on your water goal is to keep a gallon of water and a cup in your room or office and pour yourself a glass every once in a while.  there’s no excuse cause it’s right there!  that’s what i’ve done in the past.

oh yes this is a doozy it’s a two parter.  not only are we going to be drinking water for a week but we are also going to get into a good skin routine.  we’re not going to get tooooo much into that now.  on monday i’m going to post a video explaining more about it.  to get into a good skin routine you will need a facial cleanser, a facial scrub, moisturizer (one’s with sunblock are a bonus) and optional is a facial mask.  so if you don’t have those items try to get them for monday!  the most important being facial cleanser and moisturizer.  this challenge is for males and females. i like nuetrogena cause it usually works and it’s pretty cheap but you can use whatever you like!

lol i know you’re thinking part threee….what the crap?
this part is optional.  i will still be posting regular daily challenges but i will also leave healthy tips after every challenge.  my little sis is losing weight and she has inspired me to encourage others to try some healthier choices.  you can read the tips i give, maybe something will help your life, maybe it will encourage you to start losing weight that same day!


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