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Posted in 1 by dendoo on May 1, 2009

excited am i? very much yes!  did that come out sounding like yoda?

i will be getting back on track and starting up my monthly interviews again.  yay!  honestly dendoo has allowed me to keep a grip on reality and i don’t want it to suffer so i’m trying to stick with my old faithfuls.  what is so exciting is the interviews will be in a new format and it’s top secret.  it will be posted at 10 am on Monday so you guys keep a watch out.

i found my camera so i can finally update with posts of the March and pics from the challenge.  i have  been so busy yesterday and throughout the week so it’s been very hard for me to post things when i want.  i will try to post the March tomorrow so i don’t overwhelm myself and others with post on top of post today.

i, charrish not the dendoo i, will be speaking at a local high school on monday to girls about their characters but if you know me i will be throwing a lot more in there.  i’m very excited about this and i’ll try to have some video of my talk if i can get someone sensible to hold my camera who wont steal it and if not of my talk then of some of the other women’s talk.  it’s a girls day trying to encourage and empower the teenagers.  i love doing stuff like this and i really feel like it’s helping me out.

today’s challenge will be posted at 12 noon cause it’s a doozy and i need a lil time.  you guys bear with me.  i’m super busy and because i’m not sleeping properly i’m always tired.  quan give me some time to show the preview.

and that’s it for dendoo news!  you guys stay focused on the challenges and keep looking at the blog for interesting things.  much love, dendoo.

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