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dendoo daily challenge: day 13

Posted in 1 by dendoo on May 3, 2009

I love the number thirteen. It’s just awesomely odd and awesomely spooky.

Okay, today’s challenge is all about preparing yourselves (yes again).

Here’s what you’re going to do today:

* buy your face cleanser and moisturizer if you don’t have any.
* buy a water bottle if you want to be green and carry your water around with you.
* look in your closet and note which clothes you haven’t worn in ages or have never worn. this is for a later challenge.
* do the hustle (do do do da do do da dooo do)

i am going to do a bunch of crap i should have been doing that i haven’t been doing that need to be done mainly cause i’m tired and i can’t pay attention cause i’m always walking around like mega zombiod. video tomorrow, interview tomorrow, challenges tomorrow. it’s a big day. PLUS i’m giving my talk to 2 groups of girls now instead of only one which is yayzers!!! so i have to do a lot of preparing.

we’ll see ya on the flipside. challenge has been issued sukkas! — dendoo


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