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dendoo daily challenge: day 14

Posted in dendoo news, Inspiration by dendoo on May 4, 2009

i am sorry that it’s taken so long for the challenge to get posted.  i spoke today at the local highschool for their girls day where women from the community came and talked to the girls in small groups and encouraged them, talked to them.  i was scheduled for 2 group but ended up talking to 4!  it was really fun.  oh yeah!  have you checked out my interview with geneticboi?  if not what are you waiting for?????

anyway today’s challenge is when you get home, or if you are home, go into your closet and find those unworn clothes that i was telling you about yesterday and put an outfit together.  why?  because you are going to be wearing an outfit made largely out of clothes you have never worn before or have hardly worn before.  i could go an entire week making outfits out of clothes i’ve never worn before.  seriously.

that’s your challenge!  tomorrow i want you to take a pic of yourself in your unworn clothes outfit.  if, like me, tomorrow you arent going anywhere then you can either still wear the outfit and take a picture or you can wait till you go somewhere, like me cause i’m going out on wed, and take the picture then.

rules for this challenge:

* your personal style MUST shine through
* this is your chance to go crazy with an outfit.  be daring!  be unique!  but really please do be you.
* if you wear everything in your closet then wear something you dont wear that often.
* if you have a blog post the pic of yourself and talk a bit about this challenge!  and link back to this blog too!
* i want you to look tyra fierce because this should be so hot that you could get on the front pg of lookbook!

oh yeah here is this lil video i made talking about healthy week!  it is 6.30 in the morning so forgive me please!

–healthy tip:  think that diet soda is tony the tiger great for you?  hold on there sweet stuff.  you could actually end up gaining weight by drinking diet soda.  first of all it’s crammed full of sugars so don’t let that diet on the can fool you.  it’s still soda!  second of all by you thinking “oh this is diet” you could end up drinking more than you normally would.  end result?  that pound you lost is creeping back on ya.  drink water and add a twist of lime if it’s too dull.    i want you to be glowing and healthy.  much love, dendoo!

video, i’m always promising, of me talking about girls day.  i’m so swamped.  i need a life break.  love you!


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