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Posted in the monthly do by dendoo on May 4, 2009

I need fashion, I love fashion, I crave fashion. Whether it’s rummaging through Forever21’s racks for a cute jersey dress or lusting over miu miu handbags or wondering how it would feel to swank it up in some $2 thrift store finds (thirfting is awesome) I adore fashion and all it stands for.   Doesn’t fashion and artist go hand in hand?  Us artists we’re original, we’re out the box thinkers and clothes are an extension of our creativity.  This led me to think of Quan//geneticboi, a friend and fellow artist and most of all the biggest fashion inspiration this side of the moon.  I couldn’t wait to sink my dendoo-ness into his mind and he happily obliged to play victim.  Together we came up with this great question and answer session that we share with you!  So whether you adore fashion or can’t spend two minutes in a mall give this a read because it’s a good one.  Fashion lovers it is my pleasure to introduce you to geneticboi.  Enjoy:

1. Well just tell us Quan who are you…not who do you want to be or who the world expects you to be. Who is Quan in seven words:
-a daydreamer, artistic, friendly, enthusiastic, loyal, ambitious, and spicy!

2. When did you truly start coming into your own fashion sense and what urged you to sorta “break out” into your own style?
-probably 2 years ago when I really got comfortable in my own skin, embracing who I am. That’s when I own what i wear, instead of it owning me. I don’t think we should limit ourselves to just one style. Style is how someone carries themselves while being confident in what they are doing and wearing. Plus, think of it this way, everyday is another chance to get up, dress up, show up. You can be a different person everyday, depending on what you wear. But I really admire those who break rules and try to bend genders, androgynous styles.

3. Where are your fav places to shop? I want my next boyfriend to look snazzy!
-haha, I usually shop online! I know! BECAUSE online shopping sometimes have online exclusives which means you don’t have to bump into people with the same stuff, can we say, TWINS DAY FROM HIGH SCHOOL? oh NO ma’am! I also go to vintage thrift stores a lot. Combining expensive items with cheap stuff will make your outfit one of a kind! YesStyle, H&M, Topman, consignment shops too.

4. Is there a certain item you’d love to add to your wardrobe? Anything juicy you’re lusting for?
—I wouldn’t know where to start. I want everything from a lot of designers, but my real answer is that, I try to be content and instead of wanting more more more, I want to look back at what I have, and make them work… until they don’t work anymore, then I go and get an upgrade! haha!

Eternal Sleep by Quan//geneticboi

5. You’re also an artist, tell us who is another artist that gives you that boost of inspiration and what would you like to tell him or her?
—this is hard! there are so many inspiring artists out there!
—visual artist, I’d say James Jean, his work is so ethereal and chilling; a great combination of sadness and fragility. I love anything sad and beautiful. He makes me want to practice more to achieve such skills.
—recording artist would be Utada Hikaru, her lyrics are very poetic and melancholic, sometimes playful, sometimes dark with many visuals. I want to thank her for writing such visual-driven lyrics. It helps me with lots of my artwork.

Untitled by Quan//geneticboi

6. Do you feel like you inspire others whether it’s for your fashion sense or for your artwork? Or maybe…it’s just for being you!
—I don’t know really, but quite a few people have told me I inspire them on being all 3 of those things. That’s all I wanted to hear; I want to be myself so people see that and want to be themselves too, ya know?

7. Do you ever feel as a creative person you must be edgy, fashionable, a little quirky? Do you think that’s how the world expects us creatives to be?

—to certain extent, I think all artists possess those little things, BUT believe me, I have seen some that do not. That makes me think, not just artists, everyone should be edgy, fashionable and a little quirky, it might sound vain, but I think if you are an artist, you should somewhat look presentable. In my head, I think a designer should look… like a designer! haha!

8. Is fashion a form of art?

—absolutely! your fashion sense is your “hello” to someone without saying anything when you first meet. I consider fashion as a medium like paint, or color pencils, I use it to express myself. Whether it be drawing what I feel, or wearing them on me. I am my work.

Min Ho by Quan//geneticboi

9. Got any words of wisdom for the lost fashionistas / fashion-mistas and artists out there?
—hmmm… I can give you many advices, but it’s ultimately up to the person that’s doing it, to actually do it. It’s hard with today’s society telling you to be yourself, yet when you are being yourself, you get criticized. so, have thick skin and lots of confidence!

Lightening round!  Answer these questions as quickly and as truthfully as you can:

Do you like cheeseburgers
: sure. haha!
Lucky Charms or Corn Pops: Lucky Charms! I like his green hat!
Kanye or Pharrell (that’s a tough one): yes, hella tough! I’d pick Kanye
Do you go gaga for Lady Gaga: why, of course!
Picasso or Van Gogh: Van Gogh because of his romantic, impressionistic work.
To be or not to be: TO BE. be all that you can be!
Did you believe in Santa: not really. such an american thing!
What would you say to Obama: gon’ head witcha bad self!

Thank you to Quan for agreeing to do this interview.  Head on over to his blog folks and see how amazing he is.  I swear the pictures on his blog alone will make you want to be friends with him.  You can also be inspired by his stylish style over at lookbook.  Stay sexy boo!

In dendoo news I have a 30 day challenge going on and we’re in the thick of it.  This week is all about healthy choices and we’re drinking water, getting into a skin routine and I will be posting healthy tips as well as usual crazy, wacky, silly but somtimes serious challenges.  So I’m challenging you to follow the challenge!  Don’t be scrrrred.  So start looking through my blog to start taking part in the challenge!

Live life people!  Much love, dendoo.


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  1. Quan said, on May 3, 2009 at 11:26 pm

    no, THANK YOU! 🙂

  2. Karina said, on May 4, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    I love Quan!!!

  3. akiquang said, on December 25, 2010 at 8:33 am

    Quan, l love u! 🙂

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