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dendoo daily challenge: day 15

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 5, 2009

Hey Ya! yesterday I started today’s challenge by telling you guys to look in your closet and create an outfit for today made mostly of clothes you have never worn or haven’t worn in a long time.  So I hope you guys are rocking your clothes today and part of today’s challenge is to take a pic of you wearing your outfit.  Ah, memories.  If you have a blog post it and link back to this challenge!

Wear your clothes people cause tomorrow’s challenge is go out in public naked!  Um….okay maybe not.

Haha, the challenge has been issued.  Much love, dendoo.

— healthy tip:  thou shalt not be tempted to skip out on your skin routine!  I did my skin routine last night.  Did you?  If you didn’t then tsk, tsk.  I found out why it was so hard for me to stick to my skin routine though.  I HATE DOING IT.  It’s so blah.  So here’s what I decided to do:  I know by the time 9 pm rolls by I’m pretty much starting to get ready for a nappy and by 10 pm there is no way I feel like getting up to go to the bathroom so at 9 I will go and do my face stuff.  By setting a time that can work for me every night I’m sort of forcing myself to get into a habit of doing this.  You can take this approach with your drinking water task.  you can tell yourself at 10, 1, and 5 you will drink some water.  There are no excuses!  We shall not be tempted.


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  1. vestque said, on May 5, 2009 at 9:31 am

    Wow, I can’t remember the last time I did any skin care other than lotioning after showering, hehe. I’m not a very good girl, lol.

    Nekid eh? Well I’m ready 😀

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