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dendoo daily challenge: day 16

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 6, 2009

yesterday was the halfway mark of the 30 day challenge. today’s challenge is 100% full of fun and silly!

Today you are going to get a boyfriend/girlfriend. How? Well duh!! you’re going to make up an imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend.  Feel free to leave a comment about your new menses or womenses.

Do you lack imagination? Need some hints on how to be a good making upper? Never fear, I got the hook up right here. Read this important how to make up a boyfriend (or girlfriend) guide.

My boyfriend’s name is Magiko Dez and he’s 26, plays the drums and he told me he just bought us tickets so i can have my dream vacation in japan. We’ve been dating for the last three minutes….oh you didn’t know. you better ask somebody!  I think I’ll even take a picture of us posing together. hahaha, i hope you guys have fun thinking up your faux beau. today is all about imaginating and having a little fun.

–healthy tip: veggies do not own knives. they can’t hurt you. and i swear fruit are not ninjas! i know you don’t want me to sing a song of eat your veggies and fruit but they can really do wonders for you! think i’m joking? clicky to get the benefits of fruits and veggies.   come back later today and i will have an in depth post focusing on our healthy challenges.  i want to make sure all benefits are known!  now i’m off to talk to some apples and grapes.  have a dendoo day!!


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