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dendoo daily challenge: day 17

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 7, 2009

Thursday is my favourite day and I don’t know why.  There is one thing I do know and that’s love is a special thing.  I know mother’s day is coming up and we’re going to lavish our momma’s with lots of care and attention but why not make today a just because day and pick someone in your family, it could be a cousin, an aunt, your grandparrr, and shower that person with love and attention.  Do something nice for that person.

Rules for this challenge:

*  You have to be genuine and real.  No faking this act of love.
*  You don’t have to spend a million dollars.  You could pick a flower or make someone a sandwich.
*  Bonus points if you pick someone for “just because day” who you don’t really talk to or get along with.

— healthy tip:  working out is such a challenge, ugh I have to work out!  you can sneak in a workout by taking the stairs or simply cleaning.  scrubbing the tub works those arm muscles.  going for a stroll with your best friend, taking your dog for a walk, there are so many things you can do that causes you to get up and move that don’t feel like a workout.  want the ultimate in fun?  30 mins twice a week have a dance session in your living room.  you will watch those pounds melt away aaaaand you will have a blast.  dendoo only wants you to have fun.

much love, dendoo!


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