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dendoo daily challenge: day 18

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 8, 2009

the beach by my house…i thought I’d share it with you guysIMG_2864


so i have to go to work today and this was not planned.  today is my aunt’s birthday and she went away and my mother can’t cover the shop so i am going to work.  when i told my aunt i would be the one covering she laughed and told me the shop can be closed today.  no, i’m not offended.  i’m not really the best when it comes to working in the shop.  i barely get by but i thought it would be nice to do this for her.  like an extension of just because day.

this throw’s a loop in my plans….what to do.  see i was going to upload all my pics from stuffs and write posts that i needed to catch up on but now i have to go to work!  well at least i can issue the challenge and talk a bit about this past week.

when was the last time, and no this is not a joke, you read a book?  i’m totally serious! when was the last time you read a real honest to goodness someone sat down and wrote it book?  when i was younger i used to fake sick so i could stay home and read ((nerd alert, nerd alert)).

Challenge:  pick up a book and read!  Bonus points if it’s a Classic ((Great Expectations is one of my favs)).  It has to be a book book not a book like How to Tell if your Mother is a Zombie with little pictures of zombies on every page.  Let’s shake that rust off our brains.  You don’t have to finish the book in a day but if you’re like me, and yes I am bragging, you probably can.  At the moment I’m working on finishing Uncle Tom’s Cabin and simultaneously I’m re-reading: The Life of Pi, Brave New World (this book really makes you think!), Harry Potter book seven (I like to use my imagination), and a book of Chinese fables which is pretty cool.

How did your face wash // drinking water week go? I scored an A+ for the drinking water but I’d say about a B- for the face wash.  I fell asleep both Wed and Thursday and forgot to do it.  I did wash my face properly and use my morning face medication the whole week though and I remembered to use sunscreen all week.  So it takes some effort and trials but I got there.  I’m going to have to bump up my face washing time since I dont go out like that really.  Tonight I’m gonna do it!  Taking care of your skin is oh so importante.

Did you guys like the healthy tips I left?  I left stuff about drinking water, exercising, eating fruits and veggies and some other thingys I can’t remember.  All I want to get across is it’s not hard!  Small changes can really give you a big change.  Drinking water and healthy juices all week I felt a little better and my body didn’t feel like I had mini swine flu.

I’m going to issue a week long challenge on Monday so feel free to continue drinking water and doing your skin routine till Mon or forever and ever!!  The main thing I want you guys to know is dendoo loves you.  holla!

oh yeah, wish me luck today.  I have no idea what i’m doing in the shop.


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