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dendoo daily challenge: day 21

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 11, 2009

Hey you guys.  I”m not feeling well today.  I woke up feeling sick to my stomach and I had the worst night ever.  Probably suffered through 5 panic attacks.  I had a whole other thing planned out for today but I’ll say take it easy and watch these awesome videos I’ve found and most if not all have something to do with Japan.  I revisited my “Think of your dream trip” challenge and it helped me stumble across these wonderful vids.  Hope you guys enjoy and I’m going to go rest.  Today’s challenge:  watch videos and smile.

Love, dendoo.

–please read the post I wrote about the Child Abuse March, and check out Sunday’s challenge for another great video.

this is insanely beautiful

I’m really diggin this chick and her insights on her life in Japan.  Specially since she’s black and she used a Lupe Fiasco song for the first part of the vid

this is weird and there is nudity so play at your own risk.  It’s a commercial for an adult manga I think?  Yes that’s a seal.

how to get ready for work

i despise cats but i found this weirdly cute.  weirdly.

doesn’t this make you want to go?  so hearting the pumpkins

hope you guys enjoyed.  does this make you want to think about your dream trip even more?  holla.


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  1. ashleemaegan said, on May 11, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    I hope you’re doing okay 🙂

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