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dendoo daily challenge: technical difficulties

Posted in Inspiration, misc by dendoo on May 12, 2009

Picture 1Hey guys, I am having a lot of difficulty with my camera getting it to upload my videos.  I’m going to try to work on it tonight because today’s challenge HAS TO BE IN VIDEO FORM. It’s a serious challenge and I want to do it right.  So that means tomorrow will be a double challenge and I am sorry this happened this way but at least I am trying.  that’s all we can do is try.

so i am still in my japanese kick and i mentioned to my sis i want to try to meet up with my bro in japan this summer.  twould be a dream come true.  i was explaining a type of style of japanese girl to her and she couldn’t vizualise.  I was trying to show her what a yamanba was and then i remembered this.  So in case any of you need a guide as to who is who and what is what here you go!

This isn’t a challenge.  This is fun and the challenge will be issued tomorrow.

enjoy and I’m off to get my cam mess sorted out.

When you click the website hit English, refresh your screen and press English again if it doesn’t work.

Much love, dendoo!


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