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dendoo daily challenge 22 & 23

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 13, 2009

Hi you guys!  Today is a special challenge and it must be special if I’m doing a video…rawr.  Today’s Challenge is to KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  I’m addressing an issue that affects a lot of boys and girls in happy land and shaduh it prounces on me too.  We have to know who are, soul search and crap.  Take a look at this video and explore these questions.  Some people might not understand all of the issue but I am sure you can understand questioning yourself as you relate to others.  yeah, i’m an ordinary young woman and i’m struggling but i’m sharing!  This is a great post, in my opinion, to leave comments on so please do and share this video with your friends.  Let’s question life, others, dreams, answers, and the inner you.  Let’s search.

I am so unorganized.  I mentioned I bought a planner and I am having such battles inputting and crap.  I fond these websites that gave some tips on organizing your butt.  Take aaaaa look


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