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Posted in Inspiration, the monthly do by dendoo on June 9, 2009

cferguson_freaks1I thought long and hard about this next Monthly Do.   When I first came up with the idea of the Monthly Do inside the shower humming “Rubber Ducky” I wanted it to not only be a focus on artists but on artforms, art movements, ideas, creativity in general.  I wanted it to be a break out.  I think I need to start pushing the other side of the monthly do, the break out vibe that I needed within my own soul.

This month the Monthly Do is all about YOU.  You are the test subject and it’s about your creativity and your eyes that view the world in your own special way.  As human beings we’re all creative even if we can only draw stickmen.  Our creativity comes from pairing stripes and dots, or putting a lone flower on our coffee table, or wearin that delish super skinny silver tie to the office.

So this month I want you to dare yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and outside of your limitations.  This month the monthly do is all about finding art and beauty in the simplicity of the lines that are drawn from the creations of not man but the creator.  Does that make sense?


– take more pictures
– wear hot pink
– dye your hair
– don’t follow a trend
– write notes to your girlfriend/boyfriend and pin it to their undies
– write your thoughts
– meditate
– learn about a new culture
– buy a flower and study it
– try a new meal
– colour outside the lines
– walk into a room and make me stare
– paint a picture with your tears
– steal the sunsets
– talk to poe
– discover others like you
– call yourself who you are
– ask who am i?

As creatives we have to go out there and cause the trends that we won’t follow.  We have to be the exclaimation points out the ends of others sentences.  It’s up to us to make a splash and it’s up to us to fin a new pond.  We are the ones painting our lives rainbowellic.

Find your art form.

Find you.

This monthly do is a special one.  Every single thing we do makes us an artist..  No reports necessary, all that matters is you breakout and you believe that today you are Picasso’s 21st century muse and you are a truffle.  If it makes no sense then you’re not ready.

— Be free.  It was great to interview you.

much love, dendoo


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  1. vestque said, on June 13, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    Excellent. Break out, eh? Welp, looks like that will be my project for this week 😛

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