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Dating 101

Posted in 1, delinkcious by dendoo on June 11, 2009


//part ONE//

OMfG (you must click)

Have you ever crushed so hard on a guy (or girl) that you felt your heart was about to squeeze into a million taste the rainbow pieces?  Because his voice makes me melt, his eyes make me question and I swear I tasted his kiss.  All from him saying my name.  I like someone.  It could be you.

But the best part is…I still love being single.  Word to yo momma.

//part TWO//

rant of the decade though is should i feel bad that i crave something and i can’t get it here in provo?  where are all the good guys hiding?  if i dipset out of my race are you gonna bad mouth me?
so give me my (a) (e) (i) (0) (u).  a) i am attracted to asian and white guys, e) i am attracted black guys too, especially boos like malcom… i) but he needs to be smart o) he needs to be of the individuality persuasion u) he has to see me as a phenom of life.  and do i get that here?  ummmm…NO.  so should i look elsewhere?  perhaps.  at the moment i am rolling in the joys of an STD free life and the singlehood but when i start craving can you really expect me to shut the hell up and take the slim pickings that are offered here?  ummmm me thinks not.

so here’s my DATING 101:

– ain’t a lot of what i want in provo.  straight up on ice that’s $5 advice.
– men of any race and nationality can break your heart.
– if you aren’t down for the revolution i’m not down for you. //i’m a radical at heart//
– don’t hate me cause i’m so lightyears in my wants and needs.  i’m on my grown woman tip.
– i don’t date kids.
– so if you really want to talk to me….leave your application with my assistant.  we’ll get back to ya.


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  1. vestque said, on June 13, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    As someone who has never been in a relationship before it’s given me alot of time to think. I’m too special to waste my time with anyone who doesn’t deserve it. Same for you 😀

    And honey, what race? Way I see it we’re all apart of the HUMAN race. This is 2009, date anyone you please. Black, white, orange or purple. As long as they treat you right!

    I also am REALLY drawn to asian men. Like, I find them extremely attractive (not all, but more asians than anything else), Bahahah! Also, I am SO not attracted to Spanish people…does that make me a bad person? LOL.

    • dendoo said, on June 13, 2009 at 10:58 pm

      oh girrrrl we are on the same page. asian guys are soooo cute to me! not all but i just find in general they are the cuteness. maybe it’s cause i am addicted to asian culture. as for the spanish thing nope that doesn’t make you a bad person. i think everyone has their something they’re not attracted to. i’m sure someone out there would say no to black girls, with glasses and natural hair!

      HUMAN race all the way!

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