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Finacial Freedom: dendoo’s tips to be young and $ worry free

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on June 12, 2009

people think the love of money is the root of all evil
well remaining a poor //insert whatever insult here// is the root of all evil

so i don’t really have 20k in the bank right now but at one point i almost did.  but if i wanted to work as hard as i was, focus on my goals i could get there again.  20k isn’t much but for a 24 y.o. chica that’s a nice lil cushion.  it feels like an even more amazing cushion since you guys know my booty ain’t so big.

BROKE MAN BUDGET 101: my momma taught all of her children this simple rule and if you can’t get your act together this will always save your crack!  Spend Some, Save Some, Give some to the Lord. You don’t need some 100k loan and 4 years of college to teach you that.  From the tender age of since I knew myself I have always heard this wonderful saying repeated over and over.  My boo you can do it too!

KEEPING UP WITH THE TOM JONESES: we are not all blessed to be donald trump’s children.  i don’t have a solid gold elevator in my penthouse apartment – do you?  one of the biggest things i’ve learned is you have to be satisfied with self.  perhaps i can’t really afford those loubitons.  payless has beautiful versions of the classic black pump.  go paint the sole red.  diddy, kanye, pharrell, even crackhead soljerrrrboytellemmm are not what we need to define our lives by.  i have no idea who girls look up to as role models cause who i look up to is drastically different than the average jane.  but do you get my drift?  you are not a celeb or rich so stop living the good life on some imagination tips!  you have to live as if your name is //regular person// cause at the end of the day isn’t that what you are?

THE ELEVENTH COMMANDEMENT “THOU CANNOT BE SHAME”: getting where you want financially will force you to become concious of your lifestyle, your habits and your world.  if you are the type who becomes embarrassed at the thought of bringing lunch to work, buying the cheap brand, doing things for free, pinching a penny then you will never EVER get to the elite status.  then you will never have your solid gold elevator in your penthouse apartment.  a part of you will have to be shrewd and think outside the box and if you are shy, too timid and too flushed at the thought of doing what it takes to get where you want to be then you are going to stay in the financial rut that you are in.

BASIC TIPS: i give most of my friends financial advice but one person i swear i must have beaten to death was my ex.  if he were sitting in front of you today he would probably say, “Charrish says:

  • bring lunch to work
  • start writing down what you’ve spend to track spending habits
  • can you find it cheaper?  always search for the best price
  • if you don’t have the cash for it then you weren’t meant to have it
  • need to start saving?  try to save $5 a day for month…see how it grows!
  • save your pennies!  those bad boys add up in a serious way
  • try to stay in more with your bf/gf and watch the money start piling up
  • cut out sodas, make your own coffee and cut back on your snacks.
  • after a full year of regular savings you know it’s time to start on the retirement fund
  • ask yourself do i really need it?
  • anything you can get with a credit card can be bought with a debit card
  • it’s not i think i can save but more like i know i can save

every single one of those things has been put into practice by me.  call me cheap, call me what you want but honey child i am soooo about getting myself into financial freedom.

EXTRA CREDIT: these links are all to the same website but they are delish and chock full of information.   i don’t want you guys  thinking i just read anything off the zen site and wrote all this as my own, I HAVE TIPS FOR DAYS BOO, i need to open a consultant agency!  ask my ex he is tired as hell of me telling him to save!  seriously there are great tips in these links and even i learned some new things so take a read and free your mind and the rest will follow.

one, two, three, good luck boo boos!

recap: this week i focused alot on relationships.  i posted my DATING 101 and I AIN’T GATS NO MAN and they got massive hits so if you missed out please do a recap!  I also introduced you guys to TAILARR GRAY who crashed an awesome party with a hotpink outfit (how bold) and i did a special version of my monthly interviews.  for the weekender (my weekend post) my little sister is going to share some of her thoughts on her weight lost journey (she’s doing so great with her diet!)

there is also going to be the usual friday video session so check the blog again later! i have some spectacular video finds this week.  save those $$$$

much love, dendoo.


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  1. sarah von said, on June 12, 2009 at 5:43 pm

    Fantastic! I really like the “save some, spend some, give some to the lord” idea. Easy and totally true. Right up there with “eat food. not too much. mostly plants.”

  2. vestque said, on June 14, 2009 at 8:58 am

    Fabulous tips! Rules to live by 😀

    Can’t wait to read her weight loss journey. That sort of stuff is always close to my heart because I’m on my own journey as well.

    I started at about a size 22 pants and now I’m down to a 17/18. LOL still fat but getting to my goal slowly 😛

    However I don’t believe in “diets” I believe in life changes. Oh here! An old journal entry I did a long time ago on what I really do and what really helps for me! Most def


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