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black in my mind

Posted in 1 by dendoo on July 23, 2009


What is it to be Black?  I was asked that a while ago and it almost took me by surprise.  I never went up to a white person and asked what is it like to be white.   The answer I gave then is going to vastly differ from the one I’m giving now.  I don’t know what it’s like to be Black for everyone or anyone except for me so that is why it has to be Black in my Mind.

Personally I love being Black.  I have joked around about being Japanese but I do love being a Black woman.

Being black in my mind comes under a few categories:

The program Black in America featured inner city kids who all have troubled lives in some way.  They just needed a chance and they were given that chance initially not by handing something to them but by being able to give something of themselves.  They traveled to Africa and helped orphaned children who were victims of the HIV / AIDS virus.  It was a big eye opener for those kids. It was a way of showing them they have so much back home and they don’t even know it but also you can change another person’s life.

You can ask any kid what do they do when they hop up out of bed.  They turn their swag on.  Soulja Boy tells them.  Grown women and grown men are probably out there acting a fool about some baby mama drama, some Maury type “You are not the baby daddy” issues, there are adults and teens having unprotected sex, there are young man whose pants are sagging and they have so much more to offer than a gangsta vibe but they are ashamed.  These things aren’t limited to America.  Go to the high schools in Turks, talk to your co-worker, get down in your church.  It’s the reality.

Black people acting whack has got to stop Soulja Boy has got to stop. Fathers and mothers not being in their children’s lives has to stop.  Parents not communicating with their children has to stop.  The whackness of our lives has to stop.  Not everyone acts whack but if you are whack free why not help a whacky?  Help a whacky today.

I like playing Zelda.  A lot.  Zelda is my boo.  My favourite part is getting to the boss at the end of each level.   My favourite part of life is getting to beat my bosses.  It means I get to go up a new level in my life.  If we never try to fight the battle and save the princess we are never going to move up.  There’s nothing wrong with knowing how to do the Ricky Bobby but if all you know is how to do the Ricky Bobby then you need to STOP.  You can’t beat the boss if you only know Ricky Bobby.  There’s more than that to life.

I’m all about taking myself to another level.  Those kids got to move up another level when they saw the condition the South African children were used to.  It changed them.   Being black in my mind is about finding the change I need to move me up to another level.  A lot of people expect Black people to fail at moving up in our lives and expect us to not educate ourselves.  I’m moving up boo. I need to reach the Master Level.

I get a lot of people laughing at me cause I say I’m from Jupiter and I’m moving through the clouds.  I dream in riddles and ride waves of sparkly joy.  This kinda ties in with the master level thing but a lot of people call me whitey, wanna be white girl, etc. etc. Can’t I do what I want?  Can’t a brown queen be a brown queen?

It took years of self study to decide this is who I am.  It was thanks to exposure, to reading, to talking, to thinking that I can be this version of me.  Queen that I am, I can’t let you botch this up.  I am a Jovian princess my dear and I do want to study earth.  There’s nothing wrong with being DIFFERENT.  If you are locked into a certain way of living because it’s all you know then don’t run away from trying something new.  Those kids on that show let the South African trip change them.  Years from now one of them might change the way they talk or they might change the way they dress.  It’s years of self study and years of experiences and situations that made it so.  Let this queen be a queen.

Being Black in my mind means we are going to face hurdles and some huge gaps in the road.  Blackness is seen as a curse to some, is seen as ignorance, is seen as the unspeakable disease.  Yet Blackness can be a blessing and joy.  Is there anything more beautiful than a rich soul bubbling with knowledge and strength?  You can be that soul my friend.

Black in my mind means I’m going to be the force you weren’t expecting.

There are more thoughts but those are special…if you want to discuss then hit me up.  I don’t know what it is being black for you but I am proud of the skin and I also realize that the skin simply protects my inner being. My person is ever changing, ever moving, ever growing.  If you can’t stay up with this then too bad for you.  I have a princess to rescue from the madness: me.

much love, dendoo

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  1. vestque said, on July 23, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    I’m so gonna send you an email on the subject! Most def


  2. Mirt said, on July 24, 2009 at 9:59 am

    Char, ppl don’t understand that DIFFERENCE is the most important thing for evolution. You right, it’s not wrong. The universe is based on the DIFFERENCE, that’s the reason of entropy. The perpetual change is the way of life and only the NO-DIFFERENCE is the way of the death, of the where all is finished. The human creativity exists because the DIFFERENCE. Unluckely DIFFERENCE means also that there are idiot ppl like those who rejected your teaching request because your skin. We must not care about idiots. You get a wonderful mind where you can proudly feel you are different, you are black, just all the intelligent ppl who love you so much. For example I can prodly feel in my mind that I met a wonderful person as you. 🙂

  3. Quan said, on July 25, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    you better preach!

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