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Posted in the weekender, tiggy poo tuesdays, worn on wednesdays by dendoo on July 25, 2009

Okay, Okay.  I’m trying to get my motivation in check.  I won’t be updating daily like I was before but I will be upadating weekly and I’ll try to bring my regulars on point and on time.  I’m in the process of re-focusing my life and blogging is fun and fun but I have somethings to attend to so I’m ready to get into the swing of things but I’m taking my time.

NOW: down to the nit and grit of this particular post.  I am secretly, madly, lustily in love with the most spectacular article of clothing man has ever created for woman…

T H E   C O R S E T

I’ve always been a secret lover of these devine creatures because I think they are so fem, so naughty, and such stirrers of delicious thoughts that I sit at night and drool over them with googly eyes.  Corsets can be worn for your day look to give a bit of ooomph.  They can be worn over your t-shirt or a classic blouse and even in the office.  An Overbust corset can be worn alone as well for those who are daring and not afraid of sharing their sex appeal.

S E X Y   C O R S E T   O F F I C E   L O O K

Waist cinchers are sooooooo sexy.  They give the wearer a def curvy feel and added to that I think when you are in the bedroom they might give your boo a little rush to the love spots //don’t ask me where they are cause i’m a virgin//.  Trust me when you see a waist cincher you can get some very dramatic effects going on.

W A I S T   C I N C H E R S

Overbusts go over the bust.  Duh!  Underbusts land under the bust.  Double duh.  The cute thing about corsets is you can wear them out in the day or during the night for any occassion depending on how strong your sense of style is.  You can wear them with a bra (in the bedroom) or without.  Do what you want.  Love to get a lil freaky??  Yeah…that’s you.  Then lace them em tight and give him a super S curve.  Here are some corsets I love in no particular order.  Aren’t they delish?

B O N U S   R O U N D:    S U S P E N D E R   B E L T S

Okay you might as well say I have a thing for lingerie in general.  Suspender Belts aka Garter Belts are so delish because they give you a super classy look //for all my retro ladies//, they’re fun, and they’re functional.  They can also be used to give you some boom boom pow in the bedroom.  Complete the look chica.

BTW did you know there are male corsets?  So if you’re interested….

I’ve used photos from this website mainly because I love the corsets they have available but there are many websites online that feature wonderful corsets.  La Magia ships free worldwide and they want to work with you so if you are ready to order (i am but i’m hella broke) whip out the card and go shopping.

There’s nothing bad with wanting nice, sexy underwear.  I love buying sexy underwear because it gives you this rush of womanly rah rawr feelings.  There’s nothing wrong with buying a nice piece of lingerie for yourself or your boo.  Do you baby and have fun!

much sexy love, dendoo


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