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Posted in Inspiration, the weekender by dendoo on August 8, 2009

hey ya’ll.  so i’ve been very quiet for a few days and I was doing some mega deep thinking.  Boy that saying

ya don’t know what ya gat till it’s gone

is so true!  I didn’t know what independence was till it was gone.  Truth, reality, morals, honesty, all of that was stolen away from me by a very, very bad person.  Now I am in a custody battle and I am winning it all back.  Amen and thank you Lord.  That’s why I’ve been so quiet lately because these legal fees in my emotional department have been draining.

Getting yourself together emotionally is taxing but I can tell you it’s very rewarding.  Now I am at a point where I don’t want to go down any more emotional bumpy roads.  All I want to do is have a nice calm boring ride down the highway.  can I get an AMEN?


I’m not going to be blogging as frequently still but I will say I am glad I went on this great emotionally healing journey.  No I’m not completely healed but that part that was stolen from me is a part I can confidently say is on the verge of making a comeback into my life.   It doesn’t matter if you are dripped in Chanel, loaded in lace, rolling with gems, face is beaten to perfection, or if you have a J-Lo booty, if your insides are not matching the outsides then it’s awaste of time.

That’s what I’ve learned.  Now how are we going to fix it?  Simple!  with a glass of wine and some yummy choco cookies.  Holla!

Take this quick little weekend post and let it settle on your brain and in your heart.  I want you to feel inspired to shake the dead things off and grab the things you were taking for granted and put them BACK into your life.  While I sip on this Monkey Bay boo you go on and work on you.  Love, dendoo!

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