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You have a degree and you work where???

Posted in dendoo news by dendoo on November 3, 2009

Yes.  I have a degree and I work at Beaches.

In case you don’t know Beaches is this huge as hell resort and I am in training to work the front desk.  No, this was never a dream of mine but it’s a job and it’s putting money in my pocket so why should I complain?  Many would see this as a set back but for those of you who know where my heart truly lies it’s just a stepping stone on the path.

How has it been so far?  TOUGH.  I have so much respect for EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN BEACHES.  My feet ache, my back is killing me and I am yawning more than I ever have.  Sleep comes fast and quick at night.  But the truth?  I actually like it.  I love learning and there is so much to learn that it helps distract me from my other worries.

My aunt used to work at Beaches and now she is the proud owner of Mama’s Gift Shop.  If you don’t want one place to be your stopping post, MOVE THE HELL ON!!!!

So this is a nice way to move into my other news (and this sorta has to do with dendoo).

Moving the hell on:  I applied for a job with a certain company and this company looked VERY promising (we’re talking about japan now folks).  They were supposed to call me in Sept to do a phone interview.  IT NEVER HAPPENED.   It’s now november and nothing.  I woke up and said to myself “Char, if you had to chase these people this whole time to do one stinkin phone interview then what happens when you start to work for them?”

So I told them I quit you.

Yes.  I quit them.  And I feel good.  I had to send an email to the head of the company (it’s a big company) to get a response at all.  Then they promised to check up on me and nothing.  nothing.  last night I got an email saying Wednesday is your lucky day.  We can interview you!!!  Please.


So I decided, I have on more place that I am really wanting to go Japan wise.  I’ll find out about that in December….man I wish Dec were now.  If I get rejected from it then I’m going traveling.  I’m tired of always looking to the north and west skies and wondering what else is out there.  Most of all, if you want something you have to go after it and if it doesn’t happen then you have to go after plan B (not the morning after pills though!).

So plan B would see my tiny butt on a jet plan come jan and I don’t care how cold it is.  that’s all a part of the thrill.

we’ll see what life brings.  keep pluggin, livin and smiling.  much love, dendoo!

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