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i’m drawing again

Posted in dendoo news by dendoo on November 21, 2009

whoever said having a blog was easy is a LIAR.  coming up with topics, coming up with energy to write about said topics, it ain’t easy boo.

that being disclaimed i do have some news.  if everything goes well i will be working on a new and improved website and blog to be unveiled mid summa 20//10.  (that’s 2010).  i have been layoutting and plotting and planning furiously about how i want the new site to look and the new blog.  now that i am getting in the swing of my new job (see my last post to figure out where i work and what i do) i’m going to be able to blog a lot more and DRAW a lot more.  dendoo has not been forsaken, it was simply on a break.

i hid the fact that i hated drawing from my fam and friends but now thanks to therapy, meds and a little kick in the rear i am attacking drawing like it’s nobody’s biz!  dendoo can’t die baby, it’s a part of me!  and hey, i have a preview of a new piece i’m working on to share witcha:

so let’s get down to some meat and bones of what will be happening.  you can still look forward to the monthly do interviews, twiggy poo tuesdays, video viles, delinkcious and also a lot more BLOOGGGGIN on things that are happening in my life.  i’m really trying to do more interesting things not just for the sake of my readers but for the sake of ME.  lol.  when you don’t live in a paris, tokyo or ny you really have to pour the intensity in your life times ten so i’m going to try.

last but not least (as i could never be least) i’m seriously thinking about this makeover thingy.  no joke!  i need a makeover but it’s not just the outside…it’s the inside as well.  i don’t think i can unveil it on jan firsto (jan 1st) but it’s a work in progress.

so here’s to a detailed version of what to expect:  NEW artowork, NEW website and blog, NEW products for dendoo, NEW projects, NEW NEW NEW charrish.

i hope you guys enjoyed the art preview and of course if you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see you can hit me on the blog, the twitter, the fb, the emailers or hit me up with a $20 cause i’m broke!

much love as always, dendoo

p.s. // the artwork is just the start of new t-shirts for the new year!  can’t wait to keep workin on em

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