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I am a sexy pig//what i’ve learned from Miss Piggy

Posted in Inspiration, misc by dendoo on November 26, 2009

No girl wants to be called a pig but this girl does.  Actually, I would love it if you called me a hog.  Why would I take that as a compliment?  Because one of the best woman ever to grace this earth was a pig herself:  Miss Piggy.

Miss Piggy is the sexiest, sultriest, most lusty woman ever created.  The great thing is she is a teacher because the things I am discovering about myself are all things Miss Piggy stands for.

First of all Miss Piggy ain’t afraid to show off the goods.  She has curves for days and she knows how to go out with a hoggy bang.  It’s all about being comfortable with your own skin. While I don’t have a stick of curves I do appreciate my body for the way it is, even if it is a bit malnourished by black standards, and I am learning to appreciate what I don’t have.  So I don’t have a big butt, maybe there is a reason why and I’m cool with that.

Every time you see Miss Piggy she has her makeup did, she’s wearing her cute clothes, and she’s looking porkalucious.  Miss Piggy doesn’t apologize for looking sexy and I love that! But the thing I love so much is Miss Piggy doesn’t have to be a porkwhore about her sex appeal.  She knows how to gorge it up appropriately and she knows when to give major vamp and voom.  Baby, I’ve got that trick in the bag: there are times when you need to give an understated sexy and then there are times when it needs to be in your face.  If you can own your sexiness then sexiness won’t own you.  Being comfortable with who you are is sexy.  I’m loving it!

The other thing I like about Miss Piggy is she knows how to do the super JUDO CHOP. HIIIIIIIYA.  This is one broad that can defend herself.  How about that:  a karate choppin pig.  But this shows us it’s okay to be able to defend yourself from the pitfalls of life.  Ain’t nobody messin with da piggy and ain’t no one messin with me.   Understand?  Good.  I’m not sayin put a huge wall around yourself but I am sayin when it’s time to protect yourself you don’t have to run to a man to do it; kick butt yourself.

Lastly I love the pigster for being able to love her Kermy.  Maybe the love is a bit unbalanced (Isn’t she always chasing Kermit?) but I adore the way she’s passionate about her frog.  Every woman needs her froggy and every woman needs someone to give their glorious bacon scented love to.  I think Miss Piggy encourages me to realize it’s okay to love, it’s okay to lust, it’s okay to heartache and it’s okay to trust. Have you ever heard Miss Piggy talk about Kermy?  It’s delish!!  And maybe that’s what love is and what love will be.  A delicious, semi non nutritous love affair that is simply gush worthy.

So Miss Piggy aside from teaching me my ABC’s youv’e taught me so much more. I remember brushing my teeth with my Miss Piggy toothbrush and who would have ever thought I would devote an entire blog post to you?  Hell, never not me!

Miss Piggy’s example is so great that I’ve started exploring and releasing the inner me.  The new me “might” be dating and “might” be falling in like…. I would tell you more but that’s top secret dendoo info.

Secret kisses and much love, dendoo.

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  1. Quan said, on December 27, 2009 at 12:51 am

    okay I’ma mad how you left us hanging with just secret dendoo kisses!! ahaha I love Miss Piggy too, she is one of my teachers!! yessss my piggy mama teaching me to be comfortable in my own skin. Find what’s best about you and amplify that best part, so that way you don’t feel so down about yourself! muahs! stay strong hunnay!

  2. Michele Chiappari said, on March 10, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    Great post, thanks a lot!

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